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Most Recent Update Related to Survival Mode NOT Versus Mod
Valve does not care about the survival community in its L4D2 game, only the versus mod players. It's quite evident in its most recent update.

The new updates are not balanced for the well-being of gamers who play survival mod. Yes it's suppose to be difficult to get high times, but not headache impossible like the most recent update released.

Strategies which promoted cooperation with team mates and hardwork have been supplanted by unrealistic expectation for the gamer in the most recent update. An artful strategy which required discipline and teamwork, such as the classic hold position in the Atrium Mall map is no longer viable as valve released worse and worse updates.

If players are going to cheat and get a high time, they'll find someway to do it through mods or glitches. Whatever. We can just see their scores in their survival stats if they have a public profile. It's arbitrary to prevent glitching or having new patches for this 4 year old game and punish players who have been loyal for years.

Valve is releasing "fixes" to something that wasn't broken. While there are some meaningful updates that should be addressed, affecting the A.I. and survival community is not constructive. For instance, No Mercy Roof Top is near impossible to get 10 minutes on for even really good players.

I don't expect a reply because from what i've been hearing from most of the best l4d2 survival players, valve genunely does not care about its fans, just their money.



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I agree Chuck. The thing that I'm questionable on is the fact that Valve may not have full control of their l4d2 staff. The superiors, students, trainees, trainers, professionals, professors, etc, could not be quantified or even considered, because they are too vast. I believe also that community should be emphasized, because afterall, the experience is what matters the most. We may acknowledge the aim of there efforts in these updates. Oh, and perhaps you've created a vehicle for the L4D2 community to voice their utmost experienced and acclaimed opinion.
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Un♥♥♥♥ Survival , thanks
Последний раз отредактировано Closin' One Eye To See Str8!; 14 июл. 2013 в 19:18
Could not agree more. SI spawn points are completely jacked up on many maps, and it seems to take forever to fix something that was just supposedly fixed. An update these days is like an apocalypse to survival every time.
Also going to point out that Valve ends up ruining each classic game they come out with , they can't leave good enough alone for example: Counter-Strike was great 1.0 , 1.3 , 1.5 , 1.6 then source was the beggining of the end not even going to bother with CS:GO . Day of Defeat yes the old version of dod is still out (1.3) though you randomly patched it after 7 years of not giving it any attention this patch has caused nothing but problems aswell , DoD:S like CS:Source wrecked it , TF was good back in the day next to CS 1.5 now it's so bad & no one wants to play it because of how broken it is that you're giving it away for free ! Starting to see a trend ?
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