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These have probaly been mentioned before and I know beta is over, but I think a few things that will make gameplay better and more fair. I did not pay much attention to grammar and spelling much, os doon't mind. I am a big fan of L4D. Please say whether thses are good or bar and add more ideas or suggestions.

-replace kick vote system with auto kick as in do a certain amount of friendly damage over a time period will cause a kick, being afk will cause idle player or kick in certain time
-Add option to filter modded servers or add-on abled servers
-Improve security against hackers
-Better gameplay statistics displayed after round(everything in one screen)
-improve menu UI
-improve HUD(make transparent and smaller)
-Improve servers and reduce lag
-Add in some atmosphere and/or graphical improvements

+Common Infected
-Improve spawning and path finding(ie come from different directions)
-More commons and hordes
-Common on fire can live for 2-5 more seconds and can attack till they burn out
-Play as a common while waiting for respawn
-Common should not be a brick wall to survivors
-Triggers or explosions such as the gas station at No Mercy should trigger horde

+Special Infected General
-Melee hits from survivors do ½ as much damage(reduce melee spam and require survivors to shoot and kill)
-Hitbox improvement
-Explosions should do more damage
-Require 2 melee weapons hits to kill a special infected(except boomer or charger)
-Show legs and body in first person view(like L4D1)

-Increase explosion radius
-Explosion should do 2 or 4 damage
-One melee hit from weapon to kill
-Vomit thats hits another infected player will blind them but not attract infected to them
-falling from a certain height should cause boomer to explode
-meleeing should kill boomer earlier(pressurized boomer body)

-After death smoke should do damage(ie 1 damage/second)
-reduce melee distance while being smoked(ie survivors should not melee smoker from 2 meters away)
-Require 2 melee hits to free a smoked survivor
-Improve smoker tongue resolution

-Hitbox improvements
-Increase distance pounce from 25 to 50 damage
-Can't deadstop a hunter(or jockey) that would have done 15 distance pounce damage
-Remove some invisible walls to allow hunter moe pouncing spaces from tops

-Major hitbox improvements
-Add leap distance damage like hunter pounce damage
-Jockey can make survivors jump 3 feet or something (but can't make survivor fall of a ledge or cliff)
-Align the first person view to jockey height
-Melee hitbox lowered to jockey height

-Fix “disappearing spit” when spitting then killed, sound of spit is still made
-Damage from spit should start earlier(ie barely any damage done when a green health survivors runs through)
-Spitter projectile should do damage to hit survivor
-Survivors should take damage when standing on a object or table(jumping 4 feet in air still does damage but standing on an foot high object does not?)
-Do more damage to downed survivors
-Larger spit radios in safe rooms
-Killing a spitter by melee or melee weapon do 2 damage.

-Take 3 or 4 melee hits from a melee weapon to kill( a nightstick can kill a charger in 2 hits? really?)
-Fix swiping or going through survivor while charging(somehow a charger can miss survivors when charging down a really narrow path smaller than charger radius)
-A trash can should not stop a charger, yet a door can?
-Charger should be able to slightly adjust charge left or right direction
-Remove the “stumbling” when charger hits a survivor's really up close

-Remove “crowning”
-Fix pathfinding(ie a witch will climb a 2 foot object in a clear path
-Fix placement of witches
-Fix boomer explosion(sometimes a boomer explosion will not trigger which)

-tank can hit 4 survivors at a time
-Add “burning rage” , tanks on fire can run a little faster and do a bit more damage.
-tank can be able to repel a thrown molotov bit hitting it at the right moment.
-Fix hitboxes
-Fix tank spawning points(ie tank spawns in Dead center at bottom where all survivors do is wait it out or spawning during or right after an event trigger which results in the next round camping)

-Fire should do more damage like 5 or 10 damage.seconds(to reduce cheap moli and going through a fire)
-Bullets to more damage to survivors(shooting a jockey off while bullets go through the jockeyed survivors does 1 damage)
-Explosions do more damage and cause stumbling
-Reduce molotov flame size radius
-Fix excessive supplies for survivors(total of 5 pills/shots per round, 5 moli/pipe/bile a round, remove excessive health kits)
-Boomer bile can blinds survivors but won't attract infected to them
-Bullets should become more inaccurate as they get farther away.
-Fix meleeing a jumping jockey or a fly hunter.
-Improve bots
-Bots should not teleport
-Bots should not be able to pick up a survivor while being attacked by infected
-Add more speed and damage variation to weapons(make each unique)
-While downed, pistols should fire faster and be more accurate
-Down survivors should be able to crawl slowly but can't shoot and will be stopped by attacking infected.
-Down survivors can throw moli/pipes/bile
-Fire does more damage to downed survivors
-Be able to shoot a pistol while holding an item(kits, pills, cola etc)
-All rounds at first should have tier 1 weapons(smg, pump shotgun), tier 2(auto shotgun, sniper, rifle) weapons found little further.
-Make some items and weapons spawn at rare or hard places.
-Short distance sprint option for survivors
-Survivors should be able to be in scope view for sniper rifles while be hit by infected.
-fix glitch where survivors would be in “throw or falling” animation then stuck after being hit by tank.
-survivors can sneak by witch by crouching/walking and going slowly.
-a few feet of water should not down or a kill a survivor
Left 4 Dead 2 > Beta Feedback > Konu Detayları