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Can't make a vpk file, no tutorial works..
I've tried many tutorials on how to make a vpk file since friday (today is monday..) with no progress..

I'm making a survival map for l4d2 and I'm in desperate need of help!

I have my bsp file and nav file:
Survival_FastFood.bsp (I've tried to change the name so they match.. but it didn't work)
I've placed them in correct folder: FastFood/maps

Here's my AddonInfo: (named: addoninfo.txt)

"addonSteamAppID" "550"
"addonTitle" "fastfoodmap"
"addonVersion" "1.0"
"addonTagline" "Test line only"
"addonAuthor" "Guldlock"
"addonAuthorSteamID" "guldlock"
"addonSteamGroupName" "deadlineadd-on"
"addonURL0" "http://media.steampowered.com/apps/513/deadline2.html"

"addonContent_Campaign" "0"
"addonContent_Survival" "1"
"addonContent_Scavenge" "0"
"addonContent_Versus" "0"
"addonContent_Map" "1"

"addonContent_Survivor" "0"
"addonContent_Skin" "0"

"addonContent_BossInfected" "0"
"addonContent_CommonInfected" "0"
"addonContent_Music" "0"
"addonContent_Sound" "0"
"addonContent_Prop" "0"
"addonContent_Prefab" "0"
"addonContent_Spray" "0"
"addonContent_Script" "0"
"addonContent_BackgroundMovie" "0"

"Content_Weapon" "0"
"Content_WeaponModel" "0"
} (I've left out the description for now)

And here's my mission.txt: (named: fastfoodmissions.txt)

// Mission files describe the metadata needed by campaign-specific add-ons so they can be
// integrated into Left4Dead. The data in this file is used by the game UI, matchmaking and server.
// Although you may provide multiple Campaigns in one add-on by putting more than one .TXT file
// in the missions folder, it's generally a good idea to stick to one per add-on.
// In the console set "developer 2"
// Then type "mission_reload"
// This will make the game reload all the mission files and print out every chapter for every mode it
// finds. It's very useful to ensure that your mission file is being correctly read.

// Use a short name, since it is used as a tag on the servers for matching
// your campaign when looking for a dedicated server. Generally it should
// be something unique. One suggestion to is use your initials and a short
// abbreviated name for your campaign. Avoid spaces and special characters.
// Do not change the name when you create a revision, as the matchmaking
// system will consider it a different campaign. Instead, use "Version" and
// "DisplayTitle" below to indicate revisions.
"Name" "SurvivalFastFood"

// The version number is used when finding campaigns on dedicated servers
// and in matchmaking. If you try to connect to someone in matchmaking
// who has a newer version, you will be directed to download the new
// version. You must increment this to the next integer (whole numbers)every
// time you release an update. (I.E. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.)
"Version" "1"

// Author is displayed in the UI when people see others playing your
// campaign.
"Author" "Guldlock"

// Website is extremely important as people will automatically be sent
// to this URL if they try to join a friend running your campaign. This
// should be the home page for your campaign and it should provide a
// description, a link to download it, and installation instructions.
"Website" ""

// This name is used when referring to the campaign in the UI.
"DisplayTitle" "Fast Food (1.0)"
"Description" "Catch the last subway... out of hell... Again!"

// Vmt shown behind the end credits when your campaign completes.
// Note: This item needs to have "vgui\" at the front. It is assumed
// for the poster and the map thumbnails.
"OuttroImage" ""

// Loading poster data
// Note that "posterTitle" and "posterTagline" are often blank as
// the poster usually includes these in the poster image itself.
// If you do not provide a poster, a generic default will be used.
"posterImage" ""
//Note L4D2 does not position player names over the poster.


// The modes section lists each of your campaign maps and each mode
// they support. Depending on how you set up your campaign maps,
// you can reuse the same bsp for different modes as is the case with
// coop and versus in this example. This requires setting up entities
// that show up or operate differently for different modes.
// The following modes are supported: "coop", "versus", "survival"
// Number each map section starting with "1"
// "Map" is the name of the bsp of the starting map. (do not include
// an extension)
// "DisplayName" is the name to use for the chapter of the map.
// "Image" is the image used for the chapter in the lobby and
// settings.

"Map" "survival_fastfood"
"DisplayName" "Fast Food Survival"
"Image" ""


I have only used bsp and in editor props for the game.
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Place your FastFood folder in common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons\, and then drag it onto the vpk.exe that's in common\left 4 dead 2\bin\. That should create the vpk in the addons folder.
When I do that I get this error message:
Source Engine Add-ons
'fastfood.vpk' is not a valid Source engine add-on. Installation failed.

And I don't know what to do..
That thappens when you open the vpk to install it, right? The automatic installation is very buggy, and isn't needed since the game can use the addon if you just put it in the addons folder. The workshop doesn't use it either.

You should make sure that your addoninfo.txt is in the FastFood folder, and the mission file is in Fastfood\missions\.

You can use the GCFScape[nemesis.thewavelength.net] tool to check that the files are properly in the vpk.
I found an example when I started the tools soI used that one... and now it works, thank you for taking time!
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