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My Survival map won't show in game
Hi, I have some problems with my map. Here's a link to the workshop page : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=174040411

I can play on the map using console command but it won't show in survival map list even if it's displayed in addon list. Can someone help me find out what's wrong ?
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MissionManager: Only alphanumeric characters allowed in mission name: "Urban Survival map" in "missions/urbansurvival.txt"

You can't have spaces in the Name field in your mission script.
Thank you I'll fix it. I know how to create map but all the files like mission and addoninfo are copy/paste/edit from other mod. Do you know if there's a tutorial ?
I don't know of any, but they are documented here and here.

Thank you very much I forgot about that exemple map
Oh right, one more thing, if you run the game with -allowdebug and type misson_reload in console, it will spit out any errors like the one I posted above.
Soma 1. zář. 2013 v 10.21 
Next time it should be ok, thank you :p
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