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3D Proximal Voip/Positional Voice
hello, i want to make a script that will enable the builtin Proximity chat in the source engine.
i have finally found the code im looking for to enable it in source, i just have no prior expierence in modding l4d2 that i have no idea where to start LOL. it seems l4d doesnt quite work like most other source games (betting due to the engine branch, this engine branch also may NOT even have the builtin 3D positional voice that most other source games have)

ive tried all the usual easy server convar for it on my steam group server (sv_alltalk 2), no luck. so naturally having become very used to this voice feature, i wanted to add it in. (prolly gunna have to be serverside)

it would add LOADS of new depth to this game. here is a little vid to show you what im talking about for anyone who doesnt know.


so as you have seen this voice feature would be EXTREMELY WELCOME in the game(you can just imagine the possibilities), and i have no idea why valve didnt implement it in the beta :3

so thus i am now asking if anyone can provide me a basis to start from.....if anyone even knows that is..... but either way, some feedback on if people even want this voice feature would be nice, so i know im not just doing this in complete vein.
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