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Torfkopp 2 kwietnia 2013 o 8:18
Deactivate sounds for sound-mods

Does anyone know how i can deactivate sound completely from being played?

So problem is:
I create a sound-mod for a special infected (here tank) and the custom sounds are played without a problem.
But they only play completely when no other sound is triggered (because of pain or anything else) !
That is normal, but at original sounds you don't recognize it like that.
When you play with a custom sound, you wanna here it complete and not only the half of it.

For example my newest mod:

I want a rock!
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Von: ac112dc
Tanks wants a rock! Here's another little sound mod I quickly made. I changed the Rock-Rip-Up-Sound with "I wanna rock" of "Twisted Sister" Have fun :)

In the video i recorded, you'll see that the sounds aren't stopped because i don't shoot the tank, when it rips up a rock. But when you listen carfully at 0:50 it stops the sound and plays a growl.

But now imagine you play a normal game and a tank appears...
At least one player will shoot it so it plays pain sounds all the time and it will stopp the custom sound all the time...so the subscriber thinks it doesn't work and desubscribes it and dislikes it.

I had the idea, that i could put in my addon empty sound files for all original sounds i don't want to be played, but then it would probably stop the custom sound too, because the game quits the sound first and then plays the next sound...
So i think i have to change the scripts of the special infected so it can't play those sounds, because the game does not know that they are there.

And THAT'S my problem!

- I don't know where to find those files
- ...how to open
- ...what to change
and most important for me, i don't know when i change the scripts, if i probably get a vac-ban because i changed game-contents!

Please help me :)
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