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Raijin 3 Jan, 2014 às 13:17
L4D2 Sound mod Problem
Hello. I am trying to change the music for the Tank. I have looked up a ton of info on this and I have gathered the following (based on using the VPK format):

1: Files have to be the exact length of whatever file you are trying to replace; not shorter or longer, or they will either not play fully, or skip a section you intended to be played and cut straight back to the beginning.

2: Files have to be the exact sample and bit rate, and in Stereo.

There are the main two main things that are important to follow.

Ok, so great, I made my sound files, made the proper folders and addoninfo.txt file and image file and exported that to a VPK file and the music does play. Problem? They do not loop to the points I have set. They simply cut off and start from the beginning, even after using something like snd_updateaudiocasche in game.

I have seen a video on Youtube that states you can apparently use whatever custom length you want in the VPK format, but of course, I've tried that too and it doesn't work right.

After coming so close to this thing working right, I can't just give up now, so here I am in the hopes someone could help me out here.
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Raijin 5 Jan, 2014 às 18:29 
Anyone? I can't find any real help on this.

I just don't understand how the original game can use looped wav files just fine yet I can't here. It really doesn't make any sense. If there is a way around this or I forgot something then I would appreciate the help. If not, Valve really needs to stop beating around the bush and have proper support for wav files of any length and looped files as well.

I honestly can't believe we have to make do with lazy mods that simply play part of a file then fade out. To me, it's just too awful to be forced to deal with that.

If you need to see my files, I'll gladly send a link. You can play my files back in Goldwave or Wavosaur (I used Wavosaur) and have them loop infinitely.
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