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Weird Game Mode? Help!
Hi, Yesterday I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 and there was weird things happening. Here's a list of what:
1. Tall Zombies
2. Short Zombies
3. Counter Strike: Source weapons
4. Things like "A Tank spawn with 6564 health" and after the tank dies "A Witch spawned to mourn the Tank."
5. A Ready-Up system
6. Regenerative Health
7. You can move while down
8. Tank throws Stones that are on fire
9. Announced when player joined the game like so: [Header] M.U.T.O. is connecting...
[Header] M.U.T.O. has entered the game.

I don't know what addon is doing this. My friend thinks it was the 'Walking Dead (Works on Multiplayer)' addon but I tried that one but it didn't work. Here is a copy of the Developer Console during this game.

(Skip to line 828 for the start of the game)

Please help me! Thanks.

~'~The Steampowered Clock-`~
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AlwaysToast Jun 2, 2014 @ 9:18am 
You were on a moded server. It has nothing to do with your addons.
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