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[L6D] Official Server / Group Thread
Official Website: {LINK ÎNLĂTURAT}
Official Forums: http://relaxfl.com/forums/forum.php

Welcome to Left 6 Dead. This is a modification of the original game based on Left 4 Dead with more players. It is designed to allow more than the original four players to join a game and play cooperatively allowing a more intensifying experience between players and the game. Each person is biased to one another and must make sure that everyone gets through. If you thought Expert was hard, you were wrong, this will change the experience completely from the original game. So, come on, join the game and see if you have what it takes to take on six powerful enemies?

Left 6 Dead Features
  • 6 Survivors - Customize your character with eight different models. No duplicate characters.
  • 6 Infected - Director spawns up to 6 infected at once, no more Valve 2 SI Limitation!
  • Survivor Upgrades - Left 4 Dead's Survivor Upgrades returns in Left 4 Dead 2. Optional Usage!
  • Custom Commands - Let's you change characters, see server info, and more.

Survivor Upgrades
This mod (will be) optional to players, thus certain players may have a slight upper-hand, while normal players will play legit using all of Left 4 Dead 2's game rules. This, however, is all dependent weather you enable or disable the mod.

Player Mods are Bad!
You seem to be sure of that? Have you played Expert? Have you beaten Expert? Have you beaten Expert without ever being downed, killed, restarted campaign, or finished it? If you, have, welcome to the proffessional gamers' league, maybe you should start signing up for tournaments then.

Otherwise, if you are the casual player who wants a bit more fun and challanges, and also sick and tired of Valve's unusual 2 SI Limitation script, this is a good place to be. Left 4 Dead originally allowed servers to use the in-game command variables (z_boomer_limit, etc) to change the amount of infected that the director would spawn. Well, this was removed in Left 4 Dead 2, no longer can countless infected spawn. We removed it, and brought it back. Now, 6 players have a fair-game against a horde of infected, and a group of Special Infected.

I Don't Like Your Server!
We get that alot of times, but you know, you wouldn't be reading this, and you certainly would not be posting this as it would count as a "SPAM Post" (Stupid Pointless Annoying Message). Don't do it, just move on to the next server for you liking.

Server Addresses
Left 4 Dead -
Left 4 Dead 2 -
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