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Pittski 24. Juni 2013 um 14:56 Uhr
True Talent Gaming
True Talent[truetalentgaming.com]

True Talent was founded back in June of 2009 for one reason; to bring gamers together. Since then we have kept evolving and changing with the times to keep up with the gaming industry. We currently have a strong group of dedicated members that have kept this clan running strong for 4 years. We are currently recruiting Playstation 3, 360 and PC members ranging from old to young; from competitive to casual for many of our games.

There are some basic rules we wish all members to abide by which are as follows!

  • All applicants must be 14 years old or older for PS3/360, no exceptions. All applicants for the PC division must be 16 or older, no exceptions.
  • No trash talking. This isn't to say you can't have a bit of a friendly banter with people. You can, but you will NOT insult other people's families, accuse someone of cheating, or call out any other random crap comments. T2 is a mature clan, and we expect our members to behave in a respectable fashion. Respect your teammates.
  • No cheating/hacking/glitching. This clan does not condone the use of any dishonest methods of gameplay. We don't care if you use the ammo cheat on zombies, or the weapons cheat on GTA or any other single player game. However you will NOT cheat in multiplayer games. People suspected of cheating are liable to be removed from the clan immediately.
  • No multi clanning. If you are a member of another clan, you are NOT a member here. We expect honesty and loyalty from our members. If you are a member of another clan, that goes against the interests of T2. It's them or us, you decide.

We currently have a Mumble server up for our PC gamers to communicate, details can be found on our website. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me or stop by our forums and ask.

We currently play both Left 4 dead games, along with many more!
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Doom 7. Juli 2013 um 12:50 Uhr 
Do a lot of people from your group play the Left 4 Dead games or is it just a small minority?

From what I have read the majority of your clan play games such as some of the Call of Duty franchise and a few free to play games I think. I personally do not have much interest in these games. Although I do in both Left 4 Dead games. (I prefer the second one if im honest as I've played it a lot more than the first).

But I am still curious about how popular the Left 4 Dead games are with the True Talent Gaming members.
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