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= L4D2 Scavenge is Alive =
Scavenge is Alive, and teamCelebrity.gaming are running a special opportunity for new players in L4D2, that are interesting in playing/learning competitive Scavenge-mode.

L4D2 Scavenge is notoriously known for kicking players that don't seem to know how to deal with SI (special infected), how to manage gas cans, Scavenge Can-Running theory, etc.

Over the next week I'm going to be retro-fitting the most current scavenge group that I own (i also own teamCelebrity.gaming, and managed 3 community-based Scavenge Mini-Tourney's)

After its retrofitted, it will be made public, and I'll be recruiting players for "Foundational Scavenge Training", we will have videos that new players can watch to understand what scavenge players do, you'll go live in-game with SIA (scavenge is alive) and celeb admins to actively play scavenge to "learn the ropes" etc.

The goal with this is to liven up L4D2 Scavenge, and it will also help you learn the game so you wont get kicked as often, will know what to do, etc.

Keep an eye on this thread.

Left 4 Dead 2 > Community Servers/Groups > Detalhes do tópico
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