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Lord Snow 2014년 1월 5일 오후 1시 51분
Group for New and amateur players
Alright, in light of the "famous free day", The playerbase of Left 4 Dead 2 has grown immensely. We have seen so many new players becoming part of our community. There is a group called "Night Circle", it is invite only group where we try to help people learn basics along with couple of people who assist people in modding and related stuff.

So if you want players to play with, if you want to learn basics, if you want to be better at game or modding, please comment below so we can contact and proceed further regarding that.

Thanks. :)

EDIT: Following group was created.

Anyone interested should join and add friends.

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Vexoskeleton 2014년 1월 5일 오후 3시 02분 
i think im pretty decent but it'd be nice to have other people to play with.
Caelum Constans 2014년 1월 5일 오후 6시 45분 
La Flama 2014년 1월 7일 오전 9시 39분 
Fyldovaikis 2014년 1월 7일 오전 10시 25분 
Shane 2014년 1월 7일 오전 10시 37분 
I'm pretty decent as well but i enjoy playing with newbies !
Wreck-It-Rick 2014년 1월 7일 오전 11시 02분 
HI im actually already in a grouo but I could help others in playing l4d2 Im not a pro but i can sure help out.
deschainn 2014년 1월 8일 오전 5시 36분 
Invite me
Ember 2014년 1월 8일 오후 2시 05분 
I'd like to tag along if you're willing to take me.
blackb0x 2014년 1월 8일 오후 3시 11분 
add me please :)
!L@$t_L;ght! 2014년 1월 9일 오전 7시 59분 
add me
Hugg 2014년 1월 9일 오후 5시 12분 
i coud use some help, havent played this game since it first came out and the was on XBOX, i feel like i would enjoy it more if i could get better at it
Vazix 2014년 1월 12일 오전 7시 18분 
Would love to play with some people with good headsets (mic's without much noise), to have a better experience and then maybe hunt those achievements :)
King Of Sorrow 2014년 1월 12일 오후 1시 01분 
I have played the XBOX 360 version alot and I know my way around the maps. I am used to playing the PC version aswell (thanks to TF2) and I just need some people to play with.
Sweezog 2014년 1월 12일 오후 2시 55분 
I'm looking for more players as well - preferrably experienced and at least age 20 with a mic - anybody feel free to add me
MisterDoubleYum 2014년 1월 13일 오전 11시 54분 
Just got back into L4D2 after a few years' absence with a few friends with the Christmas giveaway, actually forgot how fun it can be with people that aren't rage-prone balls of unfun given physical form. I've been avoiding public games like the plague because of horror stories about that whole deal, so yeah. Wouldn't say I'm "good" by any stretch of the mind, but I like to think I've got a decent grasp of the basics as far as the vanilla campaign mode is concerned.

I'm very interested, on the chance you guys are still accepting people. Always happy to play with people who aren't going to foam at the mouth and mash the kick button, and of course game-related pointers are a plus. :)
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1-1559개 댓글 표시
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