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TRANS AM: L4D2 experienced players group
Hello. This is TRANS AM:

Current members are in the US/Canada however I am definitely not against having members over the pond or from Central/South America. There is no discrimination in this group. However pings may become an issue. If we get members from other countries I may consider getting a server in another country.

Current members are primarily older players (twenties some about to go into college). Age is not a requirement in this group. However you must have the qualities outlined in "Players in this group are:..."

Have Vent and a couple group servers.

This group is primarily interested in mid to high level L4D2 play in the following game modes:
- Expert
- Expert realism
- Hard eight
- Special delivery
- Death's door

By high level play I mean making attempts at taking no damage during games/no incaps.

By mid level play I mean playing for lols when someone getting a no damage game becomes an impossibililty.

By experienced players I mean players who don't need to be told "I am hunterrrrrr'd save meh".

Players in this group are:
- People who ALWAYS have fun when playing this game. You can be good but have a stick up your butt. These people will be weeded out if someone in the group complains about it.
- Able to take a joke.
- Respect other players. Friends give each other ♥♥♥♥ at times. However it starts to become disrespectful when you go overboard.

This group also has many future Wildstar players in it. If you are also interested in this game but have no one to start up with when the game comes out we will most likely all be playing together when the game comes out =).

If this sounds like something you are interested in post here and I will invite.

Hope to see people in game =).
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