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wich to buy? 1 or 2 or both?
i have tried my research but can not seem to get a good answer. what i basically want to know is what maps are on wich and how many players play and such. here is what i have heard but find it hard to beleive

Left 4 Dead - comes with the sacrifice and crash course dlc

Left 4 Dead 2 - comes with all dlc including sacrfice and crash course and the popular player made map cold stream or something and the original maps from the first L4D

as i said i cant seem to find a decent and direct answer. and that info makes it sound like the first one is just not worth having so i highly doubt it to be true. i have played them both on the xbox 360 but have moved to pc recently and still want the games. i liked the maps and characters more from 1 and the weapons and special infected variety from 2 more.

Short version----------
wich is better to buy or should i bundle and save 10 bucks on both at the same time?

please give reason besides "the second one blows" i want map comparisons and player bases and such. this will be my first buy from steam.
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"i liked the maps and characters more from 1 and the weapons and special infected variety from 2 more."

The second one now has both of these. Just buy it.
but its not a mod or something. it comes with the game? im kinda new to pc and the only thing i can really mod is minecraft.
The L4D2 include automatically the 1 ;)
thanks. i dont see why the first one is up for the same price as the second then. but oh well.
If you intent to play singleplayer then I'd suggest you get L4D as well (maybe when it's on sale), it's just a little bit "darker" themed than the second part, which focuses more on fun and gunfire.

For anything else: Just get L4D2, it contains the maps from L4D1 (in slightly different form)
nope, all multiplayer for me but thanks for the info. im a huge zombie fan and this is one of my tops for zombie games so i had to have one. and i agree that the first one appealed to my zombie side more with the setting of each map and such wich is why i was conflicted with my purchase but im gonna go ahead and get the second.

thanks all for the help and info
I THINK BETTER IS 2 because you can install easy skins and all l4d1 campaings are in 2
aand its more playable
L4D2 has everything that 1 has + more
L4D1 is by far and away the better game, although it has less content. L4D2 can be very fustrating at times, which is why you tend to get far more rage quitters in L4D2. L4D1 also just feels more creepy than L4D2. L4D1 is also better for "fun" team play, since there seem to be times when there is less action and you can comfortably chat to friends. Try that in L4D2 and you will wind up dead. L4D2 you need to concentrate all the time. L4D1 is probably better for solo play becuase the bots are pretty useless and L4D2 has more specials..... which require the bots to get them off you!
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