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Currently unavailable?
Only just bought L4D2, but every time i click play i get an error telling me this game is currently unavailable and to try again later.

Ive been trying for several days but i just get the same error every time. What is going on?
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same ive been playing for over two years,i recently started playing again and i keep getting the same message,game currently unavailable? WTF can someone pls tell me whats the problem
Incal 2012年11月5日 9時16分 
Try Verifying game intergrity.

I know evryone says that when someone has a problem and it doesnt always work but i just did it and its working just fine now.
Try changing your download region for Steam Client. It's possible that the region server you're connect to doesn't have a patch available for download.... or something.

Anyway I used to get error messages like that when I'd set Steam Client to connect to the Houston Region.
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tnuc 2012年12月12日 11時53分 
I am getting the same message. Happy to see you in here Hydra! That's a good idea. Thanks.
I mainly hang out at the forums. Just came here because the forums were down for about 5 days. So... you just got this problem too? Got to be on Steam's end, then. I haven't played L4D2 in a few days, but it was working fine last time I played a game. Guess I'll check if it's still that way once I get home today.
tnuc 2012年12月12日 12時04分 
Ive noticed that...ha but thats good for us. here's what steam says: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=4595-WEXN-6831
happened bout 12 hours ago. Now i gotta say I was playing around with my selective sartup...so it is probably looking for some update. Im now under my phoenix cloud though instead of L.A. :)
Seems that this was the latest update:

I'm guessing the date is referring to yesterday's time. Probably will say Dec 11, once the time goes over 24 hours. I had that random spinning problem, I wonder if that update will fix that. Anyway, be sure that L4D2 is set for auto updates.
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tnuc 2012年12月12日 13時43分 
I still can't get this goin. Seeing friends that play on same servers are having no trouble. You had a spinning problem with a joystick? Oh and the date for that update is the 11th when viewed from the big picture. No time though lol. A timely update...fk meh
Nah I use mouse and keyboard, but randomly I'd just start spinning and I had to completely exit out of L4D2 to make it quit.

I think I've seen that error message when 2 PC's were running L4D behind a single Router. Doing this in the launch options got it working though:

(Add a different client port number on each machine between 27005 and 27032 in the following format:
+clientport 270XX
Note: Do not use 27020)
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tnuc 2012年12月12日 15時25分 
That is going to make someone very happy. Musta been annoying. I have only one machine running l4d2 behind a router. regoing through their list for that error message
tnuc 2012年12月12日 20時01分 
In my case I fixed the "this game is currently unavailable..." error by following the steps of steam's troubleshouter, what did it was to verify the integrity of local files. Thank you Steam. And of as always Hydra.
tnuc 2012年12月12日 20時02分 
And of course Apathy!! thanks for posting
Hell... I thought you knew about that one already.
That's always the first thing you're supposed to try....

Me, however, I fired up my PC last night, and ran into some sort of hardware problem. Windows 7 was extremely slow (thing wouldn't shutdown either.). I yanked all my extra HDD's and USB's and everything seemed to be running fine. So, I suspect one of my HDD's is dying or some sort of driver problem with either my UPS, that crappy Steelseries Shift keyboard, or my USB stick and rudders. Right now I'm scanning my 1Terra HDD for errors (that's the one Steam is on, and it was still scanning it when I work up. Should be done when I get back home.)

BTW: never buy that Steelseires Shift keyboard. It's a POS. I bought it on sale for 35 bucks but it sells for 100. It's a piece of junk because the driver overlay is always crashing. The space bar is split in half and the right half only works if the overlay is running. Plus I can't get into bios during post with the damn thing for some reason. And also.. the logo light on the keyboard never turn off, even when the PC is off... I should have returned it to newegg when I had the chance, even with their restocking fee.

I just ordered a HDD from newegg. Good thing they have a sale going on for one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822236339
I'll probably end up cloning my C drive onto it, just in case it's the OS drive. But I think it's one of my other drives. I have 4 of them installed. I suspect it's that old 80GB drive I have installed that I use for FRAPS, but haven't checked it, yet. Checking the important drive first.

Anyway, haven't got around to firing L4D2 to see if it works.... But Steam did manage to download a patch for it... As well as for HL2:Ep2, Day of Defeat and of course TF2 (stupid game gets hat patches almost everyday it seems.). It also updated Steam Client. Didn't notice the slowdown until after (well, really during, since everything I opened had a 5 minute delay. As in I open Task Manager and it wouldn't open until minutes later, same for switching Tabs and closing Task Manager....)
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tnuc 2012年12月15日 2時28分 
Yea lol seriously start with the easiest...if it had been a car or engine I probably woulda remembered. However I am running it on every restart.
Oh damn brother! I feel for ya. Your'e embarassing my problem.
That Keyboard! how have you not smashed it? you should, I will mail you a keyboard! Don't forget to review it on newegg. (Is that community still pretty on point?)

My case has a hard drive space available now. I decided to just go with an external 1TB seagate HD for my semi backup secondary files, and thinking its time for an online service for dedicated backup.
Im picturing you could do the same. Might as well pull that old 80GB eh? One less driver etc.
I hope you have (and bet you have) mastered win 7 backup. Ways to keep all those system images together and apart, across drives, including & exluding partitions. As well as a specific backup of all your drivers.
Speaking of drivers, I love simple hardware with deluxe software, ie Microsoft mouse..Sometimes look at some of the near monthly updates it recieves. Review settings and realize I dont need any macros, so buttons; left right middle can stay.

Also ATI drivers, appaerntly BSOD crash is SOP for an new install upon restart...k. maybe the acronym should be changed? I found that after unistalling old video driver if you delete the actual harware from the device manager, windows will rediscover it immediately and install a functioning (yet older) driver. Then you can play with catalyst software in reasonable resolution.

s steam's check for video driver update utility of any use? It always says it is. Even If I know it is not?
You got some maintenance ahead, hope your'e under way. I know you can have issues with multiple steam installs across drives. Sorry thats all this noob has for ya. Good luck sir
tnuc 2012年12月15日 2時53分 
One thought on your'e rig. Is it worthwhile to have a second OS installed somewhere with your mainstay programs and troublesome stuff like steam installed. Keep it up to date from your main HD backup but not in direct contact or even always enable. Then even if you cant diagnose it much more easily, when the other HDs are taken out, you'll have a quick running windows. Be able to kill zombies => less depressing.

One more thought on my "currently unavailable problem" one of the steps is to unsure that nothing in the steam directory is marked as read only. Well its worded that some cannot be marked as such. So u do ("steam" folder > properties > select read only>apply, then uncheck read only > apply) No matter where I do this i cannot get steam or any subfolder to reamain read/write. My "read only" value is always the filled ( not checked or unchecked box). But i cant find which ones are which!
I got in the modding spirit and made some textures & animations. One of my source gifs caught my eye, It had read only permissions. If such a file got compunded with others into .vtf & imported would that do it?? Sorry everyone I know this is close to basic windows territory. Anyone encountered this. Thanks All
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