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Chet 24 października 2012 o 11:34
Tips for new players
For the free weekend, we have some meta-tips ready like Play Campaign first but it would be great to have some actual in-game gameplay tips as well.

So if you are having a friend play for the first time - what tips are you giving them? For campaign? For Versus?

We'll post the best on the blog.

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RedXM 24 października 2012 o 11:54 
I think that the best advice is what pops up when you first play Dead Center-- "Stick together to survive" I've seen lots of people die because they didn't listen to that advice.
chinesenewyear 24 października 2012 o 13:11 
1. play a realism campaign on expert to get an idea of how online realism vs is.
2. explore every campaign so you know where to go and where items and enemies are likely to be.
3. communicate and coordinate.
4. PUSH FOWARD (it's not survival mode...unless it is.)
5. special infected should attack to separate survivors or pick off lonely survivors. (go for the easy targets!)
6. don't. attack. one. at. a. time. (seriously)
7. always attack just ahead of your targets (compensate for lag)
8. watch your fire (don't help the infected)
9. special infected should always take priority over the common infected (hunter killing your buddy > buddy that's horded)
10. HL3? pretty please?
beEZ (Zbanowany) 24 października 2012 o 16:52 
1. play a realism campaign on expert to get an idea of how online realism vs is.

Playing expert has nothing to do with online gameplay. If you play VS as you play expert single player game, you will get owned. In expert a common needs to hit you 5 times to incap you, therefore you advance very slowly and cautiously. In VS you need to keep the tempo and run through the map as fast as possible to avoid letting the other team a chance to spawn more often (except for some events or tanks or other particular situations).
chinesenewyear 24 października 2012 o 23:32 
You're right; you are more cautious, but I think you misunderstood. I think expert shows how mercyless the infected can be just like in a VS match. Im not saying to beat an expert campaign but to play a couple of minutes of it and learn not to let yourself get damaged so easily by the infected. As for moving forward, that is what tip 4 states.
As for moving slowly, that varies from person to person. I speed ran the expert campaigns as seen on youtube.
core 25 października 2012 o 12:07 
Learn the attacks of the special infected and their sounds, so that you know what to expect when hearing a hunter for example.
.JezMM 25 października 2012 o 16:47 
I posted this on the forums too, but for any new players who want to enjoy the story of L4D as they play, here is the "correct" order to play the campaigns in:

No Mercy
Crash Course
Death Toll
Dead Air
Blood Harvest
(Read The Sacrifice comic on the L4D website here!)
The Sacrifice

Dead Center
The Passing
Dark Carnival
Swamp Fever
Hard Rain
The Parish

However L4D2's Dead Center is the best campaign to play first gameplay-wise, as No Mercy was designed with L4D1 in mind and thus does not contain all the elements of L4D2 in the same way Dead Center does, so I could also recommend playing Dead Center first, then heading back and playing through the L4D1 campaigns in order before continuing with L4D2's. But, No Mercy is still an amazing campaign so you haven't got much to lose if you insist on playing the story. If you play No Mercy first, check out the L4D1 intro movie on Youtube or somewhere to get an introduction to the L4D1 characters (serves as a good mini tutorial for some of the special infected and basic gameplay too).

Finally, "Cold Stream" is a semi-community developed campaign that is non-canon, and can be played any time.

Of course, if you're just here for the gameplay or versus mode, go nuts and play whichever campaign looks cool! =D (No Mercy, Dead Air and Dead Center and The Parish tend to be the favourites I see around the community).
Ostatnio edytowany przez: .JezMM; 25 października 2012 o 16:48
The Brown Hornet 25 października 2012 o 17:22 
Man just play, have fun, and die a lot! Eventually you'll survive a campaign or two!
lol.Killer5^p [no monitor] 25 października 2012 o 17:43 
The best advice I could give to anyone is first off to have fun no matter what. If someone shoots you, or takes your medkit just shrug it off rather than throwing a fit. If it is happening a LOT though I'll usually incap the fool shooting me or I'll leave the game. This applies unless you are playing with friends... in which case be sure they know how you feel about ff and ninjas with a swift shotgun to the back =).

In your games, friend the people you have fun playing with and stick with them. You will have a great time. I also find that playing with 2 or 3 of my friends in public games allows us to make more friends quickly. I don't know if other people have experienced this, but I have found a bunch of cool people this way.

Now the campaign part:
Start on normal or advanced. Just get used to the maps and specials (learn to counter their attacks and help teammates). If you want to become someone who is able to rick roll expert then that is where playing on these difficulties stops because playing on expert is an entirely different experience than playing on normal or advanced. Zombies hit for up to 20, on advanced they hit for what... 5? Heh cant remember it's been a while. Friendlies can gib teammates instantly, and the specials react quicker. I haven't looked that last one up, but it feels like they do.

The best way to win expert is to play it, maybe lose a few times, but eventually you will adapt and find that playing everything else quickly becomes child's play.

Just get the fundamentals down and you should be fine playing whatever in this game:
-Situational awareness: teammate locations, teammates being pounced/smoked, hordes, where the spawned special infected are (can hear them beyond walls), tanks
-Share your supplies with people if they need them, and you don't, before a gauntlet or crescendo.
-Mic is optional for regular game play imo, some people require it. I recommend it because I wouldn't have made some really awesome friends without funny conversations =).

I have only really played vs like... 10 times. People tend to leave during games often, and I don't have the patience to wait for more to join. BUT, playing vs with friends is some of the most fun I have EVER had playing this game.

Yeah it's easy to say all of this... so just make friends and have fun =).
Jamie Rose 25 października 2012 o 19:13 
I have some good specific tips for the new crowd.

1. Use pills before health kits. Pill health is temporary and slowly degrades, but you will usually find more pills then health kits.

2. 40 health is an important threshold. When your health dips below 40 you will walk slower making you an easier target. Temporary health from pills/shots will remove this, at least until the your temp health goes back below 40.

3. Infected(Zombies) cannot open doors, they have to break them down. Shutting doors is a good way to slow potential pursuers.

4. Pipe Bombs attract nearby infected and then explode after a few seconds. Bile Jars have a similar effect when thrown, but do not explode. However they distract the infected for a longer period of time. Giving you more opportunity to run away.

5. Pistols can always be reloaded when they empty and you can have two pistols. Melee weapons do a lot of damage at close range, but they replace your pistols. Melee weapons(except the chainsaw) can be used indefinitely until dropped.

6. Being incapacitated three times will kill you. After the second incapacitation your vision will be in grayscale. This called being in "Black and White" or BnW or B&W. Players who are at this stage should be given priority for healing. A healing kit will reset your incapactiation count back to zero. (Incapactiation from hanging from a ledge does not increment the counter. Though you still need to be rescued.)


8. The best way to deal with a tank is to set him on fire with a molotov. This does increase his movement speed, but he'll stay on fire until he bleeds out. Tanks can throw rocks which can do major damage. But if they can also flip cars which can incapacitate you with one hit.

9. Never startle the witch unless you absolutely must. (Because she's blocking the way might be one reason.) The following things with startle the witch.

Shining your flashlight on her
Standing to close to her
Damage (Although a single stray bullet won't do it. Significant damage will.)
Fire (This will actually change who she targets if done after the fact.
Explosions or Car Alarms too close to her. (This includes shooting a boomer.)

10. Finally, the one that everyone will stress but it can never be stressed enough.


You will die and no one will be there to save you.

Good luck, Survivors.
KoshLovesYou 27 października 2012 o 11:45 
If you're lost on an offical map, look for major light sources or areas that seem less 'blocked off': Most Valve map-makers used the heavy contrast of light and shadow to show you what the 'right' path is to the safehouse.

Use your temporary health items (pills and shots) before using your medkit if your character isn't yet "Black and White". Going "Black and White" or B/W means if your health runs out one more time, you'll die and need to be rescued. ONLY a medkit can "reset" the black and white status, so save your medkit and rely on pills and Adrenaline shots to keep you going otherwise!

Adrenaline shots increase your interaction speed as well as your attack and movement speed: Use an Adrenaline shot to help pick up a fallen friend with super speed, or to interact with an objective more quickly! Very useful when fighting off a horde of zombies or one of the tougher special infected.

You can see the health and items of your fellow survivors down at the bottom of the screen. Use it to keep an eye who might need some medical attention but may not have pills or Adrenaline shots. Right click when holding a pill or shot while facing the player to share some with them!
An Orange Box 27 października 2012 o 13:48 
Why is that a bad idea? Alternating between that and turning+running is the best method for killing tanks.
thewillielee 27 października 2012 o 14:28 
Thanks for the advice. However, even though I bought the game during the freeweekend. I bought it before I played it.
IVX 27 października 2012 o 15:40 
Początkowo opublikowane przez chinesenewyear:
1. play a realism campaign on expert to get an idea of how online realism vs is.

Why the hell would you say this to anyone? Stop spreading that kind of "advice", it hurts the good players more than it helps the bad ones since they tend to take actual advice from ACTUAL EXPERTS as insults, believe me, several have shot me down because I tell them what most experts do in specific situations. No wonder realism expert has been flooded with newbies.

Dead Herald's post has legitimate tips, follow his advice. If anyone wants a longer write up or wants to know more feel free to leave a comment in my profile or message me.
TomHorror 28 października 2012 o 7:51 
When playing Versus, if the Boomer doesn't bile on all 4 Survivors, the pinning Infected (Hunter, Smoker, Charger and Jockey) should concentrate on the non-biled players, and the Spitter should keep attacking the biled players.

If done successfully, the Boomer victims will get slaughtered by the Spitter acid since the Horde will restrict their movement, and the non-biled players should get destroyed since their teammates are caught up in the Horde.
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