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Ryoomara 9/set/2012 às 4:09
achievement connecting fights glitched
I just played a full dead air versus game from begin to the end (from lobby to lobby!) and when it finished, I didn't got the achievement. can anyone help me? ;-;. I didn't switched teams in the whole versus game, and I stayed in the game full time without crashing or tabbing out. It's important for me because im achievement hunting and I only need like 11 more.

Thanks in advance,

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Kevii 9/set/2012 às 4:13 
You have to complete a full versus game on dead air, not the campaign... and stay in it from start to end.
Ryoomara 9/set/2012 às 4:13 
it was versus!
YellowYeti79 9/set/2012 às 4:24 
you cant swithm between lobies
Ryoomara 11/set/2012 às 6:10 
i didnt switch whatsoever.
Amiral Benson 24/jul/2013 às 15:00 
I have this bug since 2 years now, this achievement is stuck for me, I have it in the game achievement menu, but not on Steam, no matter how many dead air versus from start to begin I do, I can't win it, it's driving me crazy since 2 damn years now...
In the ingame menu, it even has another icon, it has the good guy nick icon instead of the connecting fight icon...
I tried to disabled Steam Cloud, same bug.
It seems it's stuck on Valve database, the ingame one says 68/69 achievements but none of them are grayed, they appears like I win them all, and so I can't win it again, and then the Steam database will never record it...
A while ago, on forum, a L4D dev said they will fixed it, they never did...
Ryoomara 24/jul/2013 às 15:02 
hmm, I think I know what to do now though, when being a survivor on the finale (ofcourse you have to play all the other maps too), you gotta make your way into the airplane and survive the finale, then you get the achievement. atleast, that worked for me.
Amiral Benson 24/jul/2013 às 19:00 
I am almost sure I already survived the versus and was on the plane just before going back to the lobby with the rest of the players.
Look at this screenshot, all achievements are unlocked, but yet the game says 68/69 and the most weird thing is that my Connecting Fights achievement has the Good Guy Nick logo:

Ryoomara 24/jul/2013 às 19:05 
yeah that's... kinda odd. and creepy ;w;
Amiral Benson 26/jul/2013 às 18:19 
Someone on the old Steam Forums gave me a workaround, and it worked! :racetrophy:

He said to me to play a Versus on Dead Air with the Taaaaaaank mutation, and he was right, I got the achievement at the end, I was just playing against a friend, all the rest was bots, I did not survive, I did not win, I was not in the plane (I'm telling those details for people who will find this discussion and will want to try), and I got the achievement.

Here is the link of the topic:


I hope it will help people.
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BlackMilk 1/out/2013 às 11:12 
Doing it with the Tank mutation didn't do anything for me and my friend. Earlier today I played a regular versus game on Dead Air (start to finish, from lobby to lobby, no pausing, leaving or anything) and surprisingly even won the game. No achievement.

After reading the above tip I just tried a private game with one friend and went through the whole thing again, still nothing! I won by points, again.

Seriously disappointing stuff. I don't have all the other achievements yet but I probably will, soon, and* seeing 99% is going to be annoying! :<
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Amiral Benson 1/out/2013 às 12:06 
I'm sorry it did not work for you Gorgeous BlackMilk, maybe give it another try, it's fast when your opponent is a friend that came to help.
BlackMilk 1/out/2013 às 13:08 
Yeah it didn't take as long as the regular game, and we had a little fun smacking common infected around with our tank fists. That only made up for the disappointment a little bit, though!

However I think I'll take your advice and keep on trying, I get the idea that one simply has a small chance of getting the achievement at random when playing. Thanks.
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