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Adding New Weapons And Items Your Thoughts.
Personnally i like Left4Dead2 but i think we should get more weapons and items. We have been using the same stuff for a long time. I think we should get new choices.
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would be interesting a rpg would be cool just standing back and blowing up witches in one

but valve probably wouldn't do such a thing as to update weapons no company would

heres hoping for a left 4 dead 3!
I would like to see a weapon that could kill a Tank with one shot. The catch would be that this weapon would only be armed with one round so you better aim good! Once you found the weapon, you would have to keep it for the Tank so you would only be able to use your secondary weapons until the Tank appears.

I can just see it now in a Versus game though. Here comes the Tank, you have the weapon, you miss...instant kick...LOL!
Yeah, an anti-tank rifle like the ones the Russians used in WWII.
More types of submachine guns and handguns is a start. Adding an actual revolver that has 6 rounds and penetrates through several enemies, but with slower reload than the magnum. Adding actual frag grenades the survivors can find (rarely), that have a far less fuse time than a pipe, but far more powerful so that its useful against specials. Adding a crossbow/bow or silenced weapons would be cool, either for looks or for effect, or just to force you to use ♥♥♥♥. Add a bolt action rifle thats far more powerful than any other bullet weapon in the game.

Also, if there were a weapon that was 1 hit killz, I think the weapon should be spread out in parts that players can collect (they have to search for it obviously), and once all the parts are collected, it can be crafted at the final chapter of the campaign. To make it better, it should have the parts hidden in ridiculous locations that might requires some effort to reach or find in general.

As for rifles, I think they should add different kinds with different strengths, ammo capacities, fire-rates, accuracy, reload speeds, etc; to allow more options and variety during a game. They could also add a flamethrower as a special weapon, like the M60.

As for items, they can add less effective healing kits, like a small first aide kit or suture kit that provides less healing capabilites of the healing kit. They could also add different kinds of temp items like pills/shots that increase movement speed, give temp immunity to special infected primary attacks (still hurts you, but doesn't trap you until a teammate helps you. Lets you fight them off essentially).

They could also add weapon parts and camo skins to further customize weapons beyond just a laser sight, such as extended clips, silencers, better stock, hollow point rounds, etc.
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1) There's a bolt gun more powerful than the others already. It's called the AWP/AWM. Find a modded server, give it a go.

2) Scavenging for parts for a weapon which can only be used in the finale while still dealing with Infected seems like a waste of time and a way to get yourself caught in a choke point. In order to balance the risk, the weapon would have to be pretty dang overpowered. The premise is interesting, but it's a very thin knife edge to execute.

3) The existing weapons are already varied enough. There are few niches to fill, the only ones I can see are higher-power lower-capacity dual pistols and a tighter-spread semi shotgun. There are enough automatics and snipers to cover the major parts of the spectrum, I can't see any more being shoehorned in.

4) Those small first aid kits and such would have to be balanced against full first aid kits, such as faster healing time or the ability to carry more than one. Adrenaline already covers movement speed increase. As for the Special immunity, that's way too unbalanced and would be the bane of Versus players.

5) As the "scavenge" system with weapons works, a customization system would be moot or radically alter the way the game plays. Valve changed the ammo system from Left 4 Dead to encourage weapon diversity and grabbing on the fly, I dont' see them backtracking on that decision. So your custom gun would last only until you run out of ammo for it and pick something else up. Plus, what are the odds of coming upon a hot-rodded SCAR-H that's configured exactly the same as the one you dropped before in a zombie apocalyspe?
The other issue is again with balance. Giving a Hunting Rifle an extended clip the way the game stands now would render the Mil Sniper moot, given the HR's better hipfire accuracy. It's too much to ask for them to shake up the way the game is balanced right now for weapon customization.

Yes, these are bold ideas, but most of them would be a nightmare to implement while keeping with the spirit of the game, even given the clean slate of a new game and engine.
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