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Historian 3. aug., 2013 @ 5:54
someone explain this Ddos scenario please.
Some weeks back I got hacked in some sort of way, that every official dedicated server I play, at around the same progress in round 1, Ddoss strikes the server.

All pings go up to 1000 - at about 40-60 percent progress first round, even if they delay. it starts happening at what would be about 40-60% progress.

This has been proven time and time again for weeks, and only hosting Local servers work for me, whether I join them or host them.

Can someone please provide plausible feed back on how to correct this problem.
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BoBo 3. aug., 2013 @ 17:22 
There is criminals in the community that run a server and put peoples name on a database that whenever you join a public server it will get DDOS.
have u downloaded anything recently that probaly caused malware/virus if u got hacked I'm 100% sure u gave a big clue to someone about ur password and username that has hacked ur account WAIT! they can't it has to be malware or virus the computer doesn't know the progress of the user that has been hacked the hackers pc so it will tell u that something that gives u permisson and if u don't have the permission to acces someones account it won't work

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Did your account get hacked in some way or is your operating system buggy? You have quite a bit of hours in L4D2, that would suck if it's true. I suppose you could create a new steam account and purchase L4D2 when it goes on sale, or if there's a way to randomize your steam id.

Maybe this is the same thing you were talking about:
I don't know I think I had DDOS once
Historian 4. aug., 2013 @ 13:18 
it was such a once every month ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ encounter throughout my hours on l4d2, but this last month when the update came out and when i traded a l4d card with some one from mexico.

it seems to work now after some weeks of not trying to play. Last time I reinstalled and it worked and then happend right away the next day.
People are trolling you. They follow public servers and if your name is on their shitlist they'll DDoS any server you join.
BoBo 5. aug., 2013 @ 16:23 
Its a group of peoples that keep track of your name/id and they have a server that run an automated DDOS on the public server you join, then it automaticly DDOS the server you are playing on. Your account is not hacked,this is not a virus or anything like that they are just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s in the community using a software that DDOS l4d2 servers cause there is a glitch they can exploit.
dustin 8. juni, 2014 @ 13:23 
Thread's almost a year old, but yeah BoBo ™ is rght. Except it wasn't a DDOS, it was a simple exploit they found that grinds the servers to a hault and only takes a tiny amount of data to execute (from what I've been told).

The exploit has apparently been patched a while back but the criminals might've found a new exploit by now. You were able to join local servers without this happening because the software only scanned official (and possibly best available dedicated) servers for specific steam ids.
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