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This game has the worst people
What's going on every game full of rage quiters if they don't win straight away as soon as you beat someone in vs the whole team quits.This games so old and people still rage quit ?

It's full of people being deliberately bad or sabotaging too.
Автор останньої редакції: admiral; 21 лип 2013 о 3:49
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NEVER play League of Legends, or Dota... They are concidered the worse community of people EVER, but at least in those games people don't sabotage for the hell of it
Yeah, ragequitters aren't the only bad thing about L4D2, there are griefers, dumbass trolls who like to kick people from the game for no reason, trash talkers, and people who don't revive you when you get incapped.
Автор останньої редакції: BurgerPriest; 22 лип 2013 о 21:15
Personally, I think it's better to play this game with friends. I've laughed my ♥♥♥ off multiple times, instead of not having fun multiple times.
Maybe Valve should add a kind of penalty for ragequitters.
Yea they should make so you cant play for an hour or so if you quit
Hilariously enough, its exactly that attitude which doesn't make sense. Why should it matter if people play poorly, or quit if you are supposedly "playing for fun". If a handicapped individual buys this game, and plays god awfully horribly, is that intentional or a limitation? How is it that you propose the game can be fun for them if they are utterly terrible at it? The difference is that they are happy enough just to play no matter the outcome of the game scenario, you are trying force competitiveness onto the community.

who is right in this argument? who is being the worser part of the community? Is it fun to be voted out of a game for no other reason than being poor at it? Or simply being the odd man out of the social circle.

Griefers aren't ruining this game, the overly competitive nature of the community is making people shy away from this game. Griefers are merely an opposing force to that competitive nature, serving as the balance from making this game truly unapproachable for new comers to the franchise.

A griefer can ruin a good game instantly and without any warning, whether its realism expert TKing, or versus suiciding throws. But, its important to remember that equal to, or greater than that is the grief of being voted out of a game for no reason, and or silly reasons. Having 500+ hours into the L4D universe, i can tell you that i've seen it all, been on the receiving end of and took part in a lot of unnecessary game experience ruining votes against people.

Many new players i'm sure that we absent mindedly voted out because they simply weren't "carrying their own weight". So we told the new player voted out for no reason; "hey don't play here because we don't want to have to help you at all.". That person is definitely less likely to play with any serious effort in the future since they are already planning on being votekicked out, they might as well just grief intentionally really. It might be fun for them to ruin a round or two before they get the boot. All of that, and for what?

Fixing L4D2/3 is as easy as making the vote kick a "Three strikes and your out." system that takes additonal time to be used as a reactionary lets insta-kick this person we dont like tool. If you had to go through a 2 minute period for it to be used as an insta kick, then you'd get far less irrational votes against people, and more positive feed back going towards new players. Since instead of insta-kicking someone, you'd just vote to give them a strike against their performance/behavior. Maybe you might feel encouraged to say something constructive to them so that they play better in the future. That person is going to be a good member of the community.

And for the griefers, well, you'd have to live with having a round completely ruined because of the two minute wait, and maybe everyone in the game rage quits and starts griefing too. Then no one would get kicked, but if everyone could rise above and be patient, after that playr gets voted out, you might get that newbie that isnt a newbie anymore, they are a high performing and positive influence in the community. Lucky for the team that had their round bombed, because this guy might be their trump card that wins them the game.

But after all that, at the end of the day and all is said and done, it's just a game and if there is no fun to be had, try reading a book.
Автор останньої редакції: Go Towards The Light; 23 лип 2013 о 1:40
Never read such tripe you must be a leftwing student.
Автор останньої редакції: admiral; 24 лип 2013 о 1:25
Totally agree... you forgot also who abuse of votekick and kicks you at first goddamn mistake in versus mode. You can do 50000 instantkills with charger, but if you miss a survivor... *VOTEKICK*. Every single time. That's why i don't play anymore in versus except for 10v10 mode. This game has the worst community i've ever see. Is better to play with bots. I've a 5% of chance for find good and friendly teammates.
Автор останньої редакції: Stefanonimo; 23 лип 2013 о 15:22
I like the idea mentioned about having a time penalty if you quit a game. I think that would make alot of people think twice. If a person is rage quiting just to try and jump into another game where they can be on a winning team, they might not be so quick to do it if they know they will have to wait for 10 minutes or something before they can rejoin another game. A person who is quitting because they don't have time to play anymore won't care about that.
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