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L4D 2 Crashes when ever I hit any key that isn't WASD.
I use the G710+ and the Cata WoW Steelseries mouse.
Computer Spec
CPU i7 26000k
Window 7 Ulitmate 64 bit
Geforce 326.19 Beta

My L4D is heavily modded but I disable them and it still crashes. I can use things like reload but when I switch items it crash no matter what item it is.
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I love when it says there was an error posting a topic. And to try and repost it. And it still posts it.
I think one mod can be crash teh game, reinstal and play without mods
C= 64 Jul 20, 2013 @ 3:25am 
Some mods even disabled still effect the game, try moving them temporarily to a seperate folder such as on the desktop or deleting them, restart steam then try again and also try disablign steam cloud synch right click on l4d2 under steam and goto downloads or cloud options whatever it is and disable the cloud synch.

Also disable any autoexec.cfg you might have while doing the above.
I uninstalled all my mods and unsubed to all the workshops items. I then Validated 3 times. Still doesn't work.
C= 64 Jul 21, 2013 @ 5:48am 
Did you try disabling sticky keys and keyboard input / repeat delay in windows control panel also try unplugging any other input devces such as a joystick or a gfx tablet or disabling any touchpad device if you have one for eg.

Right click on l4d2 in steam choose properties and chaneg the startup parameter and add -nojoy also
So I fixed the problem then started reinstalling my mods and it happened again. It worked for like 10 hours with the same mods i had before the first time then it just started happening again. What I used to fix it the first didn't work so I reinstall and that didn't even work.
I have validated and it download a 123 MB file still didn't work. Validated again 3.0 mb file didn't work. This is crazy.
It also not my key presses cause the issue its switching to another item. It doesn't matter if someone gives me an item it won't crash but if I try to swtich to like a health pack main/secondary gun pills or throwing weapon it crashes. With Slot Keys or Quick switch.
DiscoGoat Jul 22, 2013 @ 9:15am 
This happened to me too when I somehow successfully started the game and got into a server. Anything that would ty to switch between weapon, melee, throwable or either the health items it crashes. Nonsense..
Did you find any fix?
DiscoGoat Jul 22, 2013 @ 9:43am 
For starting the game temporary works only downgrading the Steam client, but for the crashing that's connected to hitting anything other thn WASD - nothing. This hit me just recently, if I'm more specific - today, as I downgraded the client and tried to play.. Crashes always, I totally gave up until Valve fixes this, it's for sure their fault.
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