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Total Jerks
I was playing this game recently, going through the undead carnival with some people online.

We had just got past that bit with the rollercoster when it started going into the next stage, and I don't know why, lag or something maybe, it took ages to load for me. By the time it had finished I was on my own in the safe room and everyone else was really far away.

I wanted to run after them, but it was really scary cause I could hear things lurking outside the door, so I asked if they could come back for me... instead they all voted to kick me from the game. T ^ T

That's like the meanest thing anyone has ever done to me over a game before, they could have easily run back for me it's just that kicking me must have been the easier option, but it sure did make me feel sad...

Has anything like this happened to anyone else here? I mean what ever happened to team work?
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I don't see this as much as there fault, as I would see that as a joke. L4D2 isn't really scary at all, and if it scares you that much, maybe you shouldn't play L4D2 without friends, as the community can be ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s most of the time.
You don't see how kicking the OP out of the game was their fault?

This isn't about whether or not the game is scary. This is about whether people should try to help each other and play through the game as a team, or whether they should just kick anyone at the first sign of inconvinience.
Well, These were obviosly jerks. But Most of the people i play with are nice and try to come back. I do. Remember, people like to e jerky when on game, so deal with it.
But then again, it ur fault for taking too long to load. Maek sure u get a faster connection or get a server close to ur home.
I 've had that happen to me. No team work just ego heads that want to jump around and be the boss. If you are really skilled I would think helping the inexperienced would be kind of rewarding? So a noobie gets you killed. you gat a second chance and another and another...
heard of a saying?
IT says in Fine print
"Safety in number"
Yup it happens, forget about it and join another game. Move on.
Welcome to the L4D community...

As much as I hate to say it, because it is a common advice... the game is fun if you play it with a group of friends, or find people who are friendly. The public community isn't friendly... to say the least. You'll run into people who are more often racist, trolls, voice spam, or verbally aggressive players, than people who just want to enjoy a match.

It's a shame if you're looking to join a pub game. I would have thought with time the community would have gotten better, but it is still the same.

The best time to play public games though is probably when there's a surge of new players, like the previous free weekends, it'll dilute out the poisonous community.

Автор останньої редакції: Help; 9 лип 2013 о 1:15
I had worst experience on my first day (public). Joined a game, luckily we were in a safe room. Then one of the players starts shooting me without explanation., then he killed the other two guys too. Nota bene: stupid people can "play" any game. i still remember how a server admin in Killing Floor blocked the shop door every time, and he just laughed.

But i had a totally opposite experience yesterday. I started a game alone on Dark Carnival and soon 2 people joined. We had a pretty good time, they even helped me to get 2 silly achievements. We survived, helped each other, it was a really good game (and I've never played that campaign).
I started that game on a Steam Group server, my advice stay away from public games, find friends or join friendly groups.
Автор останньої редакції: CallMeRoot; 9 лип 2013 о 2:02
I personally believe there`s alot of butthurt when it comes to this community! I agree with Monkey on this!

Цитата допису MunkeyThrust:
Yup it happens, forget about it and join another game. Move on.
You are never going to please evryone dude....Move on!
I get this /way/ too much. Whenever I play online with random people (which I seldom do), it seems that just about every time we enter the saferoom, by the time I've been loaded into the game, the other three players are already out of the saferoom. Impatient ♥♥♥♥♥♥. Just like the guys who ready up in TF2 MvM at the drop of a hat without any of the team being ready. But at least you have 150 seconds to prepare in MvM, whereas in L4D, you get no time whatsoever. Just thrown in, behind the impatient group, potentially to die getting back to the front. (though I never do) Patience is a virtue. A virtue these guys don't seem to have.
Actually, come to think of it, I just had an idea to solve this. For those of you who haven't played TF2 MvM, players ready up to begin the wave. When all players ready, or the ready timer hits 0, the wave begins. I think that they should do that in Left 4 Dead 2. Have a "ready up" system in the saferoom, and the door can only be opened when all human players ready up. But, upon second thought, if you ready up too slow for the impatient one's patience, they'll probrably votekick you anyway. I didn't have a perfect idea, but at least I had an idea.
A technical solution to your problem would be to set yourself as "inactive" from the [ESC] menu.
Your toon would then be controlled by KI as long as your are AFK/whatever.
The advantage of this is, that bots usually teleport to the rest of the team if they are far away or stuck somewhere.
Note: this won't save you from SI
The thing is, you're in a co-op zombie survival game with 3 other dudes who have tons of hours on it. A lot of people take this game reaaaaally seriously. You can't exactly expect people to come and help you, regardless of whether or not you're on their team or not, because it really is all about survival. They probably don't want someone who would drag them down (not necessarily you) even if you can't control the lag. I've been vote kicked plenty, its not cute. At the end of the day, you're just going to have to get over it and join another match.
I can't believe you guys aren't using your heads. If your computer loads slow and you get there later than everyone else, they aren't going to wait for you, the world doesn't revolve around you. I'm sure club penguin will have plenty of people you'd love to play with! Anyways people dont know you're not done loading, as far as they know you could be afk a thousand miles away from your computer. Asking your team to come back for you because you're scared? L4D2 isn't the game for you if you get scared that easily and asking that of them is just as inconsiderate.
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