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Frankie-Z- Jun 26, 2013 @ 12:43am
Need to filter out moded servers..
How do I filter out moded servers from my server list ?
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asdff Jun 26, 2013 @ 3:45am 
You can't. The reason why is because mods make the other half of the game. In fact, most long-term players who are around wouldn't stick around without the ability to customize at least one aspect of the gameplay. Customization is key to any genre's surviability and this relates to games especially. Personalization plays a big part in designing an apocalyptic environment for a more intimate immersion and not a strictly mechanical one.

That being said, nevertheless there is a process to strictly stick to a vanilla gameplay. It's a somewhat lengthy one but exists for the persistent vanilla player who refuses to indulge in the other half. What you must do is first enable your console.

Once your console is enabled, you will then type "openserverbrowser". Go into CUSTOM, press refresh for a more current real-time list, and then the list will show you a variety of servers. Browse amongst them to your hearts content. Once you find a server that you think accompies your liking, right-click on the server you're eyeing and then go to "Server info". Drag your mouse over the numbers and highlight them. Right-Click and press "copy". Then open up whatever browser you're using to surf the internt and then go to your favorite search engine.

Paste the IP address, press enter, and a list should show up that describes your particular server. Click on any given link and then go into "server variables". In that area, you'll find the names of plugins which are specifically installed on the server.

Once you find a server you desire, go back to your game, make a lobby and type "mm_dedicated_force_servers [ip number]" and click submit. Once that is done, you should be able to load up any given map on any given mode onto the server unless someone is already occupying said server.

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