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Dniepr Review
Just finished playing the L4D2 mod Dniepr and this is my review of it. For those of you who don't know, Dniepr is a custom campaign for L4D2 that takes place in Pripyat, the city adjacent to Chernobyl.

Reasons why this campaign is awesome:
-Beautiful level design
-Awesome weapons
-Custom music
-Great story
-It's ♥♥♥♥ing Pripyat

Bugs(mostly small stuff):
-The horde music seems to glitch out a lot and only play a few seconds of it if it plays at all.
-The horde always seems to come from one spawn point. So if you're in a hallway you can just keep firing in one direction. Rarely did I have to actually watch my back.
-Horde and special infected frequently spawn behind indestructible doors.
-It seems to have some loading errors sometimes. Nothing major.
-On the final level two of the survivors spawned outside of the saferoom. Plus I'm not sure if the c4 part is the last stand. Is it? (The mod crashed before I finished the final level.)

-Make the story more clear. Like the helicopter, if you don't look for it you'll probably not notice it. So part 3 just kinda confuses you. And is that your helicopter that crashed? Why are you in the building then?
-Give the helicopter sound effects.
-Give common infected more spawnpoints.
-The voice acting is ok. But it could be better.
-On the final level, give the survivors a tiny bit more breathing room between hordes.

If the creators of Dniepr see this, I hope you take these into consideration.
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[HOH]Hellion666 May 30, 2013 @ 4:15pm 
I personally don`t agree with you. I play alot of custom maps and thought that after a 3 year wait for this map to come out, it was very poorly executed. In your analysis of this map you failed to mention other points that were wrong with this. They include:

1. FPS drop with hordes
2. Saferooms made absolutely no sense
3. Spawning outside saferooms several times
4. Ending just faded to black instead of getting in the vehicle?
5. Map 2 saferoom had floating guns/ammo etc.....

To be honest, I personally will not be playing this map again any time soon until the maker updates and fixes these issues! I suggest giving this map a miss until then!
I pointed out 2, 3 and 5.
[HOH]Hellion666 May 30, 2013 @ 4:29pm 
To put it blunt, all the hype that goes behind this map is terribly unjustified. Keep in mind that they had 3 years to create, polish and test this map only to come out with a mediocre effort to show for it? Sure it looks great.....but that`s about all that is going for it. If they fix the bugs (which are many), it might be worth the effort to replay it.......but until then.....I wouldn`t bother.
Did the map ever crash the game in the second part for you?
No. Mine worked fine.
It's clearly a map that was designed by artists and not gamers. Sure, it looks fabulous... but... Optimization is horrible (seriously- dropping 35-45 fps is NOT acceptable), layout isn't great, supply distribution was poor, bugs were numerous, gameplay ranged from mediocre to awful, etc. The finale deserves a place of shame all on its own, as it was simply terrible, the design, the concept, the spawning (ugh), etc.

They spent 3 years on this, too.
The finale is pretty bad. I didn't have many problems with supplies. My frame rates never got that bad. I liked the layout for the most part. I felt it gave the player more room to explore.
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