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Missing Poster Weapon.
In many of the "movie poster" loading screens some of the characers can be seen with a weapon that aren't in the game. What's the deal? It appears to be some sort of assult rifle with a small scope. I'm not 100% sure its the same gun in each instance tho. I'm pretty sure that at least one (if they are different weapons) is not a CS:S weapons imported for the german version either.

Rochelle has it in the Dark Carnival, Hard Rain and Ellis has it in the The Passing, Swamp Fever, and The Parish.

It shows up a ton more in the original L4D posters, like in no mercy zoey is the only one who isnt holding it, Dead Air: Louis and Bill, Crash Course: Bill, Death Toll: Louis and possibly Bill.

If this is a weapon that was planned but later removed in l4d why is it in the l4d2 posters? I just gotta know, whats the deal with this gun (or guns).
Left 4 Dead 2 > Загальні обговорення > Подробиці теми