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I'm really bad at this game. . . but would like to improve
I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for getting better at this game. I'm good at FPS games in general, but for some reason this particular game just kicks my butt. I think it's the extremely fast pace of the hoards, I just get overwhelmed easily. Any tips/tricks?
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Not much, just like everything: the more you train, the better you get. It's better if you learn on your own just take your time.
jugar jugar y jugar. a mi antes tambien me parecia super rapido pero hoy e agunatado 6 ordas con un compañero. en este me estoy haciendo un jugador muy bueno en el modo experto
hi all i can say is just enloy the game on easy and the go forward with the enjoyment hehehehehe is just a good fun game loads of laughs
shoot ->slap--->shoot--->slap
learn to know the spit voice and the warnings. help your teammates.
stay together
goatϟtorm (Заблокирован) 30 янв. 2013 в 9:58 
Bless you for wanting advice and not just crying about getting kicked and how shitunfair the community is. If only others follow your example. SInce you should already be able to aim heres my best advice:

Turn full captions on so even if you dont hear the sound effects for an incoming horde, infected spawn/attack/death, tank music, ect you still know whats happening and can be ready.

This varies based on what weapons you use but aim where theres the most meat and go for Mid to Upper torso. Nothing wrong with headshots but with the pace of the game youll clear more horde this way.

Most zombies are dead before you realize it. A good 2-3 shots to the torso will take out most zombies. Some go down instantly and others will continue to walk and stagger for several seconds. Learning and trusting your aim will allow you to know its dead whether its down or not and move your crosshairs else where much quicker and waste less ammo.

Melee is your BEST FRIEND. As someone else said if youre surrounded melee the zombies back and then shoot them. If you have them all around you a melee will shove the zombies back enough to give you a few seconds before they're back on you giving you time to melee the ones behind and turn back around to kill the ones in front and switch back and kill the back before either is able to hit you again(hopefully that wasnt too confusing).

As far as DeadStopping hunters and jockeys the time you think you should melee to stop them is about a second off if not more. That just takes practice getting down the timing as for when to melee. Once you get that down skeeting is just having a shot where the hunter will be timed right before the melee to deadstop. That way if the shot fails you'll still deadstop it.

For crowning a witch just go all the way up to her if she is sitting. Literally bump into her then aim between upper torso/neck/lowerhead and you'll be good except for expert. For the walking witch almost same thing but shoot right before you're about to bump into her in the same area.

Forget Bilebombs in general unless you just want to sit and shoot at a pile.
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your probs not really bad, the community will make you thinku are and kick you all the time.. oh welcome to l4d2.. ♥♥♥♥♥iest community ever lmao
Well, just play afew more times and you'll be fine. First start off in easy mode, then move up a level when you feel that you are ok with it.

The following are some of the things that i'll usually do, so you may want to take note of it:

1) Always stick to the group, as if you are getting pin by hunter, grab by smoker, you'll need another player's help to knock them off. So wherever you go, make sure that there is at least 1 other player with u. (unless you become a pro, then ....)

2) When hords of zombies start to swarm, it's best to lean again a corner of a room. As, if you are standing in the center, they can attack from all direction. Being at a corner, you only need to defend a 90 degree angle, so it's easier.

3) In terms of weapon, my personal habbit is, having at least 1 weapon that can at least hit a middle range target. As guns like shotgun are only good for close to short range, you can barely hit anything with it on a mid to long range. So it's good that if you pri weapon is shotgun, let you sec weapon be a pistol/magnum instead of a melee weapon.

4) In terms of guns, for new player it's more recommanded that you stick to assult rifles, as it's more easier to use as a starter. And personally, it's so far the best weapon type again other players. As in my years of playing this game, i have encounter quite afew people that start shooting everyone in the team for no reason. And I have to put them down.
Try all the weapons and find the one you like best. I always keep a melee weapon on me. A melee weapon is especially nice for some of those hoards. If your health is low and the hoard is thick get in a corner with the melee weapon. The katana (sword) and axe work nicely.
If you can afford it, invest in a 7.1 Surrond sound headset. I think sound is key in the game. Once you know what sounds are what, you will know, for instance, when a team mate is being attacked even before they can call out to you. You'll be able to hear the special infected around corners, behind you and from all different directions. You'll be able to hear the tank growling ahead of you, so you know to be prepared.

I use the Logitech g930. These days they're running about $120ish. Amazing sound quality for the price.
One piece of advice that I found most helpful in learning with L4d1 and is starting to work with L4D2 is the following:

Play Single Player on every campaign first.
Play Campaign online in every campaign after that.
This is where you will make friends - eventually. These people help you learn and grow during the game.
After you have completed that - Versus mode is where the hardcore action is in my opinion. Though there is many other modes - Mutations, realism, e.t.c. Versus is where most players seem to find the fun - IF they know the maps.

See you around,
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