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otratroP (Banido(a)) 26/jan/2013 às 12:54
Any ideas for new infected?
Many, or almost all of us wants Left 4 Dead 2. And I think many people also said that they want new infected for the new game. Do you guys have any ideas for new special infected zombies? I just thought about it and couldn't come up with a good idea.
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Sálmarnir 26/jan/2013 às 15:25 
All the uncommon infected traits applied to tank. Riot police tank, reduced/no gunfire damage from the front, weak/normal damage from behind. Hazmat tank, can't be set on fire, wears a hazmat suit that reduces peripheral vision. Clown tank, need i say more? honk honk, spawns a horde. Hardhat tank, reduced headshot and melee wep damage.

Jimmy Gibbs tank.
Xav-Tay-Tor-Tot 26/jan/2013 às 17:44 
A friend of mine had an idea for a Special Infected.

It's called the Shocker (Rarely spawns). Is able to call in a small/medium horde at will. Health is higher than Hunter's and Smoker's, but lower than Jockey.

Also had another (Didn't get a name). Figured we just called it the Screecher.

Uses screams for attacks (Again, spawns rarely). Survivors within a certain range with be incapitated. Not within range will knock them back. Health is slighter higher than a Spitter.
Joe Blob 26/jan/2013 às 17:55 
The Shocker is basically like the boomer? It'd be pretty unfair to have endless waves of zombies spawning until you manage to shoot a zombie behind a chimney or something, even with a delay.
Commissar Kaz 26/jan/2013 às 20:29 
They had a SI like the Shocker planned for it originally. I forget what it was called, but it was a zombie in a straightjacket that screamed to call hordes and ran away from players. Valve scrapped it because players found it too annoying, and it was combined with another concept to make the Boomer.
otratroP (Banido(a)) 27/jan/2013 às 5:33 
That screaming is actually not that bad, but it needs a few restrictions like, you have to be near them, maybe in a radius of 30-40 meters. The scream should also last for at least 3.5 seconds. That way the survivors have enough time to find him and since they are not blind (boomer vomits on them) the horde should be easy to handle.

I saw in a few games, I think it was world of warcraft or maybe something else, players that can freeze their enemies. They could add something like that. Maybe a slimy zombie that jumps around like the hunter and when he hits someone that player can't move for 5 seconds because he is glued by the slimy zombie.

He could be used to stop survivors from helping their friends that are attacked by a hunter. He could also be used in scavenge. When a spitter get's a can they can use him to stop the survivor from picking up the can.
Kingjaffad 27/jan/2013 às 9:49 
the Hurler:
The Hurler could be similar in shape to the tank only it has long arms and a large body,
When the Hurler spawns a theme kinda like the tank theme would play,the Hurlers ability could be that he grabs a survior and stars spinning around,players would then have 10-11 seconds to aim where the Hurler would hurl the survivor,the Hurlers claw attack would swing around so survivors would hae to keep their distance.
what do you think?
🅱 a n o 27/jan/2013 às 12:48 
There should be a Special Infected called the Crawler that has no feet and is kinda like the hunter and grabs your legs and pulls you down and drags you away until a team mate can save you. And its speed is the speed of a spitter and its size is a hunters size. Its health is as much health as the smoker. I think it would be awesome :D
otratroP (Banido(a)) 28/jan/2013 às 4:38 
How can a special infected without feet drag you away? He has to use both arms to hold the survivors feet so he can't use arms to drag him away and since he has no feet he can't walk away too.
goatϟtorm (Banido(a)) 28/jan/2013 às 5:24 
The Gaben:

Both Slower and larger than the boomer. The gaben consumes survivors whole and will only release one every 6 years despite the cries from the gaming community.
Kooba 28/jan/2013 às 8:07 
I think they've managed it really good, creating a variety of special infected with different genuine abilities...
...i don't have a real clue, what kind of new zombies i would wish to see in addition, but i would like to see some more of them too^^

Thinking of the Witch (which scares me with her dramaturgy) and the Boomer, i can imagine some kind of zombie like:
- fat or even fatter as the boomer
- with a second zombie looking out of his stomache, so he could grab 2 players at once...
- running around like the witch (so you have to take care of not shoot at *by mistake* or to pull it)
- but if you do so, by shooting/killing it a small horde (about 3-5) small leggless zombies crawls out of his body....and these zombies are amazingly fast
- if such a smaller zombie "jumps" on your back, he would distract you similiar (to some degree) like the jockey,with the difference, that he would randomly interferre with or invert your keyboard/mouse-input, but not steering you completly...just making it harder to aim or move

....but lastly its just an idea^^
AlphaVixen 24/mai/2013 às 23:23 
Theres alot of great ideas for new infected out there but I mean valve probably won't pick them if there too difficult, too obscure (lets avoid overly corcerned parents doing dumb bans you know?) or anything too much like some resident evil/silent hill/ god knows nightmare creature. Im loving all the creativity though! :D i definately hope a Left 4 Dead 3 throws us a cool new challenge! (and no more low poll liked Swamp Fever or massive Rochelle hate *not that i dont like her just dont make me PLAY her*) Just gotta be a lil realistic here i mean i think someone did like a mutant dog (thats nazi zombies that does hell hounds and id feel ripped off to fight dogs all the time) And please dont do something we already have i mean character designs might be cooler but a spitting zombies still a spitter and a charging zombies basically a charger.
AlphaVixen 24/mai/2013 às 23:25 
oh but jimmy gibbs as a tank would just be epic for the lols :D maybe ill have better luck than finding that supposed jimmy gibbs witch
Frank Galvin 25/mai/2013 às 5:34 
Here's one: they're called the Sleg; sort of like a male version of the Witch. The difference being it'll walk around in a very slouchy, orangutan kind of way. If you get too close and look at it for too long, it'll move the hair covering it's face and actually almost tear its' face off towards you and scream.

This will both attract hordes and cause the player continual paralysis and convulsions, rendering them defenseless. This effect can only stopped by an Adrenaline shot injected by a teammate.
Última edição por Frank Galvin; 25/mai/2013 às 5:36
Alot of these are too crazy or too similar to the already existing Special Infected.
I did like some though:

Screecher- how about for this one, it's similar to the boomer but instead of blinding you, it makes you deaf. Cant hear teammates, can't hear music, can't hear lurking zombies.

I like the one about being stuck in slime, like opposite of the Spitter

I like the one about making the tank have powers, like the special common infected have.

Something I thought of is having more special common infected (ex. hazmat suit zombies)
How about a bigger, stronger zombie.
and also smaller zombies like the size of a jockey.

What would also be cool is if there could be a map where you go through a laboratory, where some crazy guy has added weapons on the CI. like replace arms with machetes
AlphaVixen 26/mai/2013 às 21:35 
Actually there was a "Screamer" planned originally! It was made very fast and its loud shriek summoned a hoarde. One scream and itd run away. Guess they found it too irratating in beta gameplay but it did spark the idea for the Boomer! And yes labs are definately a fun zombie map :3 Since they kept mentioning the ocean and up north how bout polar or boat zombies? Well i guess boat would be limited so unless you got creative that ideas a bust but polar zombies would be cool :D
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