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Godzirra 2013년 1월 21일 오후 6시 59분
What do YOU do when in a swarm/horde?
I'm curious what others do in a swarm/horde of zombies. Do you hold your ground and wait it out or do you power through? I suppose it may depend on the game being played and/or the difficulty level. I tend to do both depending on game and mood though I often just power forward if I get puked on.
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A Really Hoopy Frood 2013년 1월 21일 오후 7시 19분 
For me, it depends on the map and the team I'm currently playing with. Typically we just burn through a horde unless it's a really bad horde, or of strategic importance to lose as little health as possible at that point. In which case we hold our ground.
Giga 2013년 1월 21일 오후 9시 23분 
If Campain... spam melee. If other (especially on expert) . . . . 3 gunners, 1 melee / distracter and hope for no incap.
Dr Chaos MK 2013년 1월 21일 오후 11시 23분 
Considering there is the potential for infinite zombies in any chapter of any campaign, my team tries to lessen random hordes by rushing through the chapters. That means using explosives at key points. A perfect example is Swamp Fever chapter 2. Where the airplane event is. After the door is opened, a bile thrown into a area where you will not navigate makes the rest of the chapter easy. Since all the zombies are around the bile, the rest of the chapter is free of common infected.

If there is a horde event where you have to wait before proceeding, molotovs are great to hold the common back. for this example I will use No Mercy chapter 2. Where the generater is. And you have to wait for the door to open. Once the switch is hit, have all 4 players drop down the hole in the room where the mounted turret is. The column room below has enough room to avoid Spitter acid. Enough room to dodge Charger attacks. Can see the other special infected at a good distance. And using molotovs and / or pipe bombs is easy due to the large amount of space down here.

But overall, Archangel is correct. Certain events need certain actions done. And practice will help for that. And unfortunately, leaving someone to die so the other majority of the team can be in better condition is something I approve. Even if I am the one that bites the dust. If the other 3 people make it to the safe house or escape the finale with higher chances if i die, so be it.
thewillielee 2013년 1월 22일 오전 4시 36분 
Depending on the situation and my weapon layout I usually go melee because for some reason I can handle more than one zombie better with my katana or fire ax then shooting them with my gun even if its automatic.

However there are certain times it is better that I just use my guns.
PanzerSchreck 2013년 1월 22일 오전 7시 49분 
I try to hole up in a room (if indoors or near a trailer) with no other entrances or exits, and stand my ground. If outside, I find a choke point where there are only a few entrances, like the bridge in Blood Harvest.
Godzirra 2013년 1월 22일 오전 8시 22분 
I mix it up with weapons just to keep it fun. I agree you can have better results with a melee weapon. Sometimes I still pick the dual wield guns just to see if I can remember to keep shots head level and have success that way.

Sometimes I can get a good rythem of shoving zombies then swinging a melee weapon going and just push and slice my way through on oncoming horde whether I am mobile or stationary with little damage. I can't always count on bots, or random teamates to have my back though. ; )

A down side to powering forward is that you can't turn around to see if your team is behind you. You can only get an idea by bullets whizzing over your head or around you. If someone goes down behind you, you have to hold the front line and hope the 3 behind you can work it out and/or move backwards to regroup while repelling the front horde before you get surrounded from behind.

It is the "mobile" vs "stationary" part I am more interested in. Powering forward or holding ground? I was wondering what the majority of people do the majority of the time. On retrospect, it's probably too simple a question for a more complex set of variables.

On "normal", I'll hold ground because I can and then I can go poke around and explore, or I'll power through hordes and dash to the safe rooms if I feel like doing that.

On "advanced", I tend to move through and arround hordes as much as possible. I poke around a little but not too much. I hold ground if I have to but on some spots you simply can't try and hold ground.

On "expert", I only finished one campaign on expert before going on a L4D2 break. I am back to working through them on "advanced". I seem to recall moving forward as fast and efficient as possble but the Tank being a major hastle. Maybe someone else can comment on their approach to "expert".

In a random "VS" game, I will do whatever the team is doing. Hopefully everyone is on the same page. Sometimes I'll try and bring up a few quick strategic Qs in the starting safe room but that is hit and miss.

I haven't done a Co-Op Campaign.

lol.Killer5^p [no monitor] 2013년 1월 22일 오전 10시 50분 
Very situational because what I do depends on the positions of the rest of my teammates and the campaign we are playing. I guess it boils down to three things:

1) If I am with my team I just stay put and we can kill the horde before they can get to us.

2) If I am near my team but we are sort of spread out. I'll just sit somewhere in plain sight of my team, hopefully next to a wall, then I'll just kill zombies while covering other teammates if needed (bad si spawns).

3) The worst case. If I am alone the only thing I am thinking about is finding a place to sit where I can avoid being surrounded and where I can hopefully still take out most/all of the zombies. This will almost always rely on my teammates to help with the rest of the zombies and is pretty much a mistake on my part if it comes down to this.

My friends and I generally play expert in the more difficult mutations like death's door. Expert campaign if it is just a whatever sort of day.
Blashyrkh 2013년 1월 22일 오전 11시 18분 
use shotgun when empty or need to reload use magnum/desert eagle until reload melee the shoit out of them run back reload pick melee item kill the ♥♥♥♥ing horde then fap and brain explosion
Keep calm and RUN ♥♥♥♥♥ RUN!
(Or I just stand my ground and shoot their heads off with my shotgun and then slice them with a ninja sword either one works.)
Kidd 69 (anyone remember me?) :(님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 1월 22일 오후 12시 42분
Cyanide_Hollow 2013년 1월 22일 오후 1시 34분 
I save all of my ammo when only a few zombies are around, so I mostly use combat weapons like bats or the sword. So I have enough ammo when an incoming appears.
I always use machine guns, no shotgun, no sniper. So I always have enogh ammo to shoot me trought.
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