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I didn't sign up for this.
Everytime I don't: execute the charge perfectly, i don't EXACTLY play my part in the team ambush, i slip on an edge and hang (meaning i can be picked up), i don't do what they say as soon as i miss the opportunity, and everytime time I fall behind then get smoked or ridden away JUST ONCE.... I get kicked or labeled as a stupid ♥♥♥♥ing noob.

I know i should just move on, forget about it and find a different game. The issue is finding one is a pain in the ♥♥♥ as 80% of them have atleast one elitist person who just convinces the rest that I should be votekicked.

I serious don't understand why a game like this has so many elitists in it.

I mean jeez sorry for this rant but its just something I had to get off my chest.
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Welcome to the internet.
There aren't that many people who play this game anymore. It's a tightly knit community at this point, nowadays it's either you're a long time player or a total newb. Just get a mic and find someone who will teach you and you're just going to have to wade through the ♥♥♥♥ untill you can keep up with the big players
Best thing to do is find a group for l4d2, preferably a group made just for casual l4d2 gamers. There's plenty out there you just gotta find them. This is why I avoid public games altogether.
Don't worry man, you'll get the hang of things.
Play Campaign/Realism instead of versus. Less likely to be kicked. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=118236296
Don't stress about it dude! It's all practice :) Feel free to add me and play with my group of friends! Always happy to have people to play with, regardless of experience!!
this happens a lot when you have 36 hours. it's because you're a n00b. not that it's bad, persay, but it's the truth. play more and it wont happen because you'll know what to do instead of waiting for someone to tell you what to do.
I feel you - those butt hurts take a game so seriously!
i don't mind playing with noobs add me if u wanna play and have headset i have been playing since the gam
e came out :)
Yeah, I've played over 300 hours of this game but most of it has been in the single player, due to the harsh versus community and lack of L4D playing friends. I'd be more than happy to join up with some more casual people and play some good old, laugh your head off, Left 4 Dead.
I've been playing this game for years - but since thats on xbox most would say I'm a noob if they just check my stats too. F'n ridiculous if you ask me - but hey I wouldn't kick ya ... game's a game - its supposed to be fun - everyone getting ripped apart in horrible ways IS fun - actually winning in this game feels kinda hollow if you ask me.

But go ahead and add me up dude - killing zombies is my stress relief!
The problem is, you can't get better unless you keep playing versus, and you can't play versus if you get kicked. There is no singleplayer versus available and reading guides won't help that much. You don't have to know all the advanced moves. Basic play is enough if you're gonna play online. Missed a deathcharge? Who gives a damn. This is a casual game. Say what you want, it will never be a competitive game with stock settings.

To avoid getting kicked, bring just 1 friend with you at all times when playing versus. Then you can't get kicked no matter how hard they try. They will rage so hard it isn't even laughable and you can keep playing.
I totally agree. I was just playing with some some dude with a thick southern accent who kept telling me what to do. It was so frustrating I ended up logging off. I'm a casual gamer who plays games for fun. I have a family and job which I take very seriously. This is a hobby for christsake!
idk there will always be duchbags on gaming but u should just ignor them, everyone has done one of those things befor. In fact i often do them XD. In counter strike, i kill my team members. Just ignor the haters and play the game.
There isn't any reason that players should be rude to other players. Anyone who is rude is a maggot in my book and should be stomped on real hard to the point they splatter.
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