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peon (Porttikiellossa) 7.12.2012 kello 9.41
Well its been over 7 days, and im still getting bombed.
This has to be a engine exploit because they cant bomb natural selection 2 servers.
Valve, a mod, SOMEONE, ANYONE tell us you are doing something, this is getting a little ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

I laughed so hard last night my head hurt.
Do keep bumping this thread until something official is said.

You want proof?
You tell me its the server, or just a lag spike.
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peon (Porttikiellossa) 7.12.2012 kello 9.44 
By the way all footage was recorded in sequence, on December 6, 2012. UTC -05:00 Eastern Time(i live in ohio)
Valve they are bombing your servers it cant be hard for one of you lazy people to look up the logs from your own servers.
Server ip/name, dates, and times are all there. SOMEONE STOP THIS BULLCRAP.

Crap this preview video is pretty crappy.

youtube.com/watch?v=8bwyJYYLiYY&hd=1 use that and make sure hd=1, and you fullscreen it, text is clearly visible then .

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peon (Porttikiellossa) 7.12.2012 kello 10.16 
I will keep bumping this until at least a mod says someone is seriously looking into it.
Kain 7.12.2012 kello 10.27 
I agree this needs to be fixed. In just about every one of our matches we get ping bombed and it sucks.
peon (Porttikiellossa) 7.12.2012 kello 10.32 
I dont think people understand, it ♥♥♥♥s with you when your not even getting bombed.
Everytime someone lags for just a split second im thinking ♥♥♥♥ its happening.
Once the forums get back up. Probably be better if you just PM Valve employes. Such as Chetf for example. I don't think they browse this discussions area, much. Chetf does post on the forums every once and a while though. Although, they are aware of it already because there have been threads like this on the forums for the past few months. No telling if they are actually doing anything, though.

In the mean time, make your profile private and dump your Steam Group (the one with only 2 members, they are definitely using that one to easily track you.) . Might be a good idea to change your name, too.

Also, most Internet Providers send you new IP address when you reset your modem. If that's how your IP works, then I suggest unplugging the power to your modem and plug it back in, so your IP will give you a fresh IP address.
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peon (Porttikiellossa) 7.12.2012 kello 11.02 
Well with the forums down they should be patrolling these areas, i guess they are so busy trying to make left 4 dead 3 perfect. Hah.

I deleted 60 something friends that I didnt play with or talk to in over a month. I deleted every group I was in. Made my profile to private to everyone.

THEY ARE TROLLS, GRIEFERS. They want me to live in paranoia afraid of everyone else, exactly like they do. They want me to private my profile, dont accept any friend requests, basically dont ever play again.

Well you know what, i really hate bullies, I dont think its ever right to take someone elses things, in this case a game that i enjoy playing that distracts me from all the people that i would like to beat up. lol,
And i hate bully mentality, im not going to say sorry because they had a troubled childhood.
And I cant get over valve these last few years, they are a corporation now.

They would rather work on their new game, for more greedy ♥♥♥ profits, instead of making sure the fans that have been there beside them these last 14 years can have a clean enjoyable gaming environment in the products they have already produced.
There used to be a time that valve would have squashed these exploiters before it ever got this far.

Im not going to give in, im not going to stop playing and make my profile private to all again ( as it didnt stop nothing ).
I will keep recoding these incidents, and maybe kotaku will be interested, they always like to blow the lid on stories like this.
peon (Porttikiellossa) 7.12.2012 kello 13.50 
bumped again
This is really bad!
still happenin!!! damn it i wish someone could do something :/
wtf ? do I get my $ back, i just joined and this sucks
Is it all servers, or just happening to you? I haven't played L4D in over a year, and was thinking about it til I saw this. I am gonna give it a go I guess, thats unfortunate if it is griefers runing the game, usually that means they suck at it. Same thing (griefing) happens in DAY Z near constantly , to the point where I don't play on populated servers anymore.
So glad I played in the good old days, when the game worked and noobs were running amok and a good 2 man team could dominate.
Same thing is happening to me. Reported both users who are responsible, though the IP and steam ID of the person we found sending packets to a friend's server was τ‏a‏c‏o g‏a‏t‏o.
Aliases: τ‏a‏c‏o g‏a‏t‏o, τaco ©at, yip, Most Wanted10, Capt Nyan Cat, General Nyan Cat
Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:81105
Steam profile URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/tacodos/

Other person who τ‏a‏c‏o g‏a‏t‏o himself said was responsible is Da Corkster
Da Corkster
Aliases: da corkster, elgabacho63, Sir Corky the 3rd, My team blows, I PAY FOR FAKE OFFICIAL SERVERS
Steam profile URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/vivalagamingpc

I didn't get corkster's ID or IP because all of the attacks were coming from Taco Gato's IP address.

I haven't been able to play in a pub server since last Saturday because within 10 minutes I'm being DoS attacked. The mods on the Steam forums deleted the thread where people were complaining about this and all of them have evidence that is both of these two who are responsible. Da Corkster is apparently insane and verbally abuses every opponent in his games. Here is the chat log I got from a friend just a few minutes ago; it is between him and τ‏a‏c‏o g‏a‏t‏o after he accused τ‏a‏c‏o g‏a‏t‏o of DoSing all his games:

8:14 PM - τ‏a‏c‏o g‏a‏t‏o: so basically you ♥♥♥♥♥♥ cork off
8:14 PM - τ‏a‏c‏o g‏a‏t‏o: did you say something to him
8:18 PM - τ‏a‏c‏o g‏a‏t‏o: hey, I'm sorry this is happening to yuo
8:18 PM - τ‏a‏c‏o g‏a‏t‏o: but cork and I have nothing to do with it
8:18 PM - τ‏a‏c‏o g‏a‏t‏o: but I"m sure you'll be ok now

Please complain to Pinion as well, as they are hosting all the public L4D2 servers now.
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