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Whats wrong with my game? (videos inside)
I cannot for the life of me figure out why my hit registry is so off in this game..It happens more in 1v1 hunter servers but pretty much all the time. I have a high end pc and 116mbs download and 22 upload with 50 ping and 16.7 or 0 lerp but i still get stuff like this on a regular basis


these are a few of dozens of clips i have
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As far as I know the netcode favors the hunter and puts the charger at an disadvantage (the hitbox is not perfectly synchronized with the model). The hunter's hitbox is usually (probably depending on your ping) in front of his model and the charger needs to aim a little in front of moving survivors.
I had it when charge miss me by miles then all of a suddon I'm dragged across the screen to charger and i think How big is the hit box on that ?. I have even had it one where he crahed in to wall then draged me the other side of the sollid wall and starts punding lol that means hit box went thrue the wall and grabbed me
well if the game favors hunters, whats with the clips of me jumping through people? or landing on them then gettin meleed off? its like what i see is way delayed compare to everyone else...a friend of mine plays with 5 download and he never has problems like this
I rewatched your videos and the only instance I'd think "WTF" is the first one where you jump right through Nick before pouncing him. The netcode favors the Hunter if you're on the other side of the equation since your movement is the one being 'miscalculated', but slow-mos often reveal the horrible downsides of interpolation.

I never tried it myself, but a quick search in Google revealed that L4D(2) has the same interpolation system as for example CS:S (cl_interp etc.) - probably like all the source games.

If my source is correct, these are the default values:

cl_updaterate 20
cl_cmdrate 30
cl_interp_ratio 2
cl_interp 0.1
rate 10000

Check the console if any of these differ from your settings and by how much. Some are probably forced by certain servers that only allow a specified range, though.

(I've no experience in competitive gameplay and I'm not much of a good player, so take everything I say with a grain of salt.)
Looks like you are swinging too late to deadstop. Everything else is just normal L4D2, where the hitboxes never match up to what you see and we all have to compensate for it.
16.7 in pubs and 0 for confogl.....but the way my game plays it looks like im playin with 200
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