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Rage Kick?
What? Recently I did a small sad rage quit. Everybody attack is one way, in the same spot in that map. But nobody things that the other team take caution by prevent the succes of those attacks. VS game its already a deja-vu, with no over-reactions. Nobody wants to attack (together) but in another way that they think its a succes. No surprises, no nothing. So much fixations. Its like watching a movie:(its gonna do that, and that. we this and that. Lets see who did better.)

And another problem here its cheaters man. Spawning health, med kit, pills, no horde, freezed witches, survivors impossible to punce with a hunter...

Recently I found that server owners use theyr servers to create an advantage during a vs game.

Solutions? Hidden admins in-game designated by.. steam .. valve with purposes of instant permanent ban.

For those who wants to have fun with this game I recommend friend-only game.

Im not ♥♥♥♥♥ing about. Thats the way it is! Somebody had to say it.
Left 4 Dead 2 > Общие обсуждения > Подробности темы
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