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whens the next sale for this
i wanna buy this but i wanna make sure i dont get caught off guard and buy something else before the sale
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well holloween and x-mas they are always on sale. but its kinda far away.
why you didn't buy it at the 75% sale?? Was like 2 weeks ago, just $5 !
like I said, i got caught off guard bought somethingelse then it went on sale
i mean would i seriously be posting this if i had the game already? use your brain duke
So you also bought arma 2 to play dayz but then realized is crap and felt like you wasted $12.50 instead of just spending $5 for a 10x better zombie game like L4D 2?
LIAR arma 2 and dayz are so bad. the idea is nice but everything else is crap. ARgh thinking about it makes me wanna puke. Those screwed up controls *vomits*
well dayz it's a good game ......as long as you have a super computer and some friends to form a squad so you can camp in a forest and snipe some n00bs A.K.A. Bambis at cherno or elektro
I got it because it looked fun while my mates were playing it so I thought I will join em. 5 minutes into the game I gave up cause those controls were so terrible.
well yeah arma 2 ,compared with battlefield 3, maybe it's crap, but its FREE it's so much better than Battlefield free2play. I didn't found controls hard to get use, just take the time to make the bootcamp and read all the controls list. My main complaint with the game is that the damage caused by zombies seems to be random, sometimes with 1 hit they break your leg, made you bleed and/or knock-out you even at the lowest difficulty
lol bf3 is terrible, its just no fun
I prefer BF3 over arma 2, but BF3 is waaay more expensive, you need to spend $100+ to get the game with all DLCs, EA is such a money wh*re.

Now talking about L4D, I pretty recommend you buying it, tons of fun you get from it, I don't know if this is normal, but L4D2 includes L4D1 campaigns, don't know if this is the stardard version or some gold pack/GOTY edition, but I got L4D1 campaigns included in my L4D2.
nah its normal i played this at a freinds house, some update allowed l4d2 players to play l4d1, think it was when cold stream came out
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Показані коментарі 115 із 16
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