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Fiver Oct 25, 2013 @ 7:59am
Getting snagged on scenery...
I love the game, I just want to raise 2 minor points. 1.) Its too easy to get snagged on insignificant bits of scenery. For instance, when you're backing off from a tank as you're shooting him, then you stop dead, tank kills you. You think, what did I walk backwards into that stopped me, I had a clear path - you realise you have been stopped in you tracks by a flimsy plastic chair, a 5 inch step, a small knee high post, a wall that protrudes 3 inches out (so would scrape your arm as you past it), the edge of a doorway etc you do not seem to smooth naturally around any objects but instead get stopped dead by everything. It feels unrealistic, and can be a royal pain in the ♥♥♥.
2.) Is it me or when the Tank throws his rock at you, does it have a tendency to 'lock on' slightly? Even if you have been strafing for a couple of seconds as its coming from a way off, it still hits you. The same seems to go for the Runner. Your in an open space, he runs from a long way off (say 50 metres) and you are strafing all the time, he still hits you, it doesnt seem possible unless he follows a slightly curved path, or his object is much larger than the graphic representing him.
Does anyone else find this, or is it just me! :D Thanks!! :D
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Nosfrat Oct 25, 2013 @ 8:16am 
I agree with the scenery thing, yesterday believe it or not, I actually died in Advanced because I got stuck in a trash can. A pipe bomb explosion in NM5 blasted a trash can out of the way, and in the main corridor, and I somehow got completely stuck walking on it, and couldn't move, only let infected kill me so I could restart. I haven't played other Source games than the L4D series but I'm pretty sure it's related to the engine.

The Tank aims differently depending on difficulty. On most difficulties he'll lock onto you and throw at the exact same spot you stand as he throws it, while in Expert he'll have a tendency to "pre-aim" by throwing it to the side, i.e. if you're strafing to the right, he'll aim IN FRONT of you, so that the rock hits you if you keep moving. I think... I'm not sure actually, dodging rock feels pretty natural to me, but yeah there's definitely some lock-on going on, as well as the ever so idiotic hitboxes resulting in deaths while the rock hit a wall 10 feet away... Oh well.

And I have no idea what the "Runner" is. I assume you mean the Charger... Which is the most glitchy and laggy SI, so yeah sometimes he'll grab you if you're 2 meters to the side, and he'll miss if he goes through your playermodel.
imperator_sulla Oct 25, 2013 @ 9:54am 
Getting snagged on scenery even when its not a critical moment is a pain in the a**; happens to me all the time. Hope Source 2 fixes that in the third game. As with the charger it is glitchy like Tavi said. Yesterday one came at me as I was standing along a fence and when he hit the fence instead of stopping dead he continued to move along the fence until he grabbed me whereas if I'm playing the charger in versus I get stopped if my elbow brushes the edge of a wall or doorspace. As for the tank rock throw he does get better at it with higher difficulties. I play advanced and he will lead you when he throws so I found the best thing to do if you don't have a nearby object to use as cover is to strafe one way and then once he throws strafe the other way faking him out.
Fiver Oct 31, 2013 @ 1:20am 
Ye sorry, I meant the 'Charger'!!! :D But you knew that anyway :) lol. The problem might be, I've never been properly introdcued to a zombie, I'm taken over by slaughterous intentions before that happens, so I never remember their names! ;D Tavi, stay out of those bins you hobo! lol ;D nah, thanks mate. Never realised the tank did that based on difficulty level, clever frikin zombie! Now I immeiately scan round for potential cover when I hear the Tank, & make sure I not gonna be trapped in a confined space. The good thing is, any bit of tall enough immoveable scenery seems to block the rock quite easily :) I like the feigning strafe plan, cheers Sulla, ill try that. Must admit I normaly do Quick Match so I dont know what difficulty Im playing on until I remember to check, which most of the time I dont bother unless Im dead. I should probably spend more time reading the wiki...pppppffff I just wanna smack more zombies \m/ :) At least the charger is not hard to kill, if the Tank was glitchy, that cd very annoying. I find this one of (if not) the best games for destressin with if i've had a bad day :)
Nosfrat Oct 31, 2013 @ 2:53am 
The Charger is the hardest non-boss SI to kill, actually, he has the highest amount of HP, no x4 damage multiplier (I THINK its arm has a 1.25x, not sure but still irrelevant with its massive 600 HP) and is basically invincible while charging, probably given a 0.1x multiplier or something, it's virtually impossible to kill a Charger, even damaged, when he's charging, unless you're "levelling" him with a melee weapon.

And yeah it's a pretty good game to just relax and, as Coach put it, BLOW SOME SHEEEEIIIIT UP.
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Fiver Nov 3, 2013 @ 4:48pm 
Interesting :) I'm not usually concerned if I know a charger is about. Big & hard but totally stupid, I find them easy to kill and its rare they will get me. Jockeys and Smokers I find the opposite, hiding & sneaking about, they annoy the cr4p outta me! :) I get a lot of satisfaction from repeatedly punching them and watching them stagger around! :D \m/
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