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Does the game get better the more you play it?
I haven't enjoyed playing it so far, and have put about 10 hours into the game. Is it the sort of game that becomes more enjoyable with more experience? I.e Does a good knowledge of the maps make it better to play? Or is it that the most fun is had in the first few hours? Thanks
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Once you start to get the basics down, things like knowing the in's and out's of the maps, where do the items and weapons might spawn, where are the usual choke-points etc... then I think you will slowly start to like the game.

It does get better. Specially if you can find a few nice people to play with and help you out.
L4D2 is a good game imo. The gameplay is a little "deeper" than it might seem at 1st, you just need to give the game a chance, and it will pay-off later.
The more I play, the more fun I have.
The very first hours are frustrating, especially if you try versus (DON'T try versus until you really know the maps and you feel you can deal with some more difficulty). When you get good at the game, then it's funny.
And then you can be mad against people who are not =D
u r an arsenal fan? if you really like footy, then add me to play l4d and we can talk about footy.

Um this game isnt for everyone as is the case with all games but i think its a generally enjoyable game, i think that left 4 dead gets funner the more you play it because you have more knowledge of maps, characters, weapons, etc which help you get better @ the game and be more competitive which in turn gives you more incentive to want to play the game and get good at it.

Try to appreciate the game for what it is and get better, if that doesnt work then the game is not for u i guess but if anything this game is like fine wine, the more you play the more you like imo.
The skill cap in this game is extremely high. That is the reason why there is so much animosity between veterans and new players. Veterans realize the depth in the game whereas new players see this as just another mindless zombie shooter when in reality there is so much min/maxing available for the avid gamer. The communication, cooperation, and coordination required for high level play is insane.

The replay value is extremely high as maps are randomized, spawns are randomized, there are tons of mutations as well as hundreds of community maps to try out.

The problem is the vast sea of newbies who show no respect to the game nor their fellow gamers, and just use the game as a way to troll people.
im playing it since 3 years. and i must say, i hated it at the beginning. but after knowing the maps better i really enjoyed it.
Gonna copy and paste something I posted in another thread:

"what happened the first time you played L4D2"

I sucked large amounts of balls, and kept ranting about how dumb the game was, for it was impossible to defend yourself against pinning SIs.
I declared the game one of the worst I had ever played, and didn't play for a year and a half.

And one day I decided to try again... After a week I could beat the easier campaigns on Expert with bots, and within a month I was pretty much always the best player in every single public lobby I ended up in (campaign, that is).
But yeah the first two hours or so, I was really like "the hell, this game is impossible and unfair", but then I was used to CoD zombies, where running in circles is the ultimate strategy...

So yeah, to answer your question, it DOES get better once you get a feel for it. Not for the maps, but for the... game, as a whole, I guess. Knowing the weapons, how to avoid the SIs etc are really important, because if you're like I was in the beginning, you feel scared unless surrounded by your entire team, thinking everything is gonna go for you and leave you helpless before you can react.
Well i loved the first one which i played long time ago, then i bought L4D2 and i didn't like it at first, i really don't know why but it was just so not interesting, also i had a big problem avoiding zombies etc... Then after a while i started doing achievements and man, i love this game, voice lines, campaigns, i love everything about it ! You should try to play it more!
I guess I'll give it another spin guys :D Thanks for your help
I immediately liked the game when I first played it. I loved all - the atmosphere of horror, fantastic voice acting, realistic graphics, multiple online modes, freakin' funny Mutations...The game is pure masterpiece. I think and hope, that L4D will never be forgotten.
The more you play the better you could get...or you may wish to trash it.
depends on you.
Some like it and some hate it.
It is pure fun for me...and a great stress killer.
I like zombie games and L4D & L4D2 are my favs so far. I REALLY HOPE there is a L4D3 in the near future for the PC.
โพสต์ดั้งเดิมโดย Restless:
use the game as a way to troll people.
Sometimes it's fun to troll every now and then.
Trolling doesn't mean teamkilling, I like me a troll every now and then but people who just teamkill and go like "LOL UMAD BRO MADMADMAD" are autistic homos who have no idea what trolling is about.
So please, stay classy and troll classy.
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