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Hard Rain Expert - Let's do this!
Need some peeps who want to do Hard Rain on Expert =D Add me!
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its actually not that hard :D
Possibly quite an irrelevant statement here. He's not saying he wants some people to play it with because he finds it too difficult.

Could be he enjoys games more where you "meet" the players beforehand or he's had too many bad experiences with trolls and idiots.
Deffently the Hardest of the L4D2 official campagins. Bad visuals, slow movement and Witch traps.
Let's not and say we did ;)
I hope you play on realism?
Hardrain not that really hard if you have experience player with you.
Have finish all maps with pro it took during 1hr per map.
Yeah guys, the whole "it's not that hard if you're not a noob, lol" doesn't help anyone.
There's plenty of factors in play that decide wether or not you'll beat the campaign, ranging from your connection to saving a bile/pipe bomb or being selfless and helping a player in need while you could rushed to the saferoom.

Furthermore if you're an experienced player you'll know that L4D2 is fairly unpredictable, besides perhaps being able to know where all the spawns are. Basically, ♥♥♥♥♥ happens. Throw in the fact that not everyone has 3 veteran L4D2 friends on standby every second of every day and therefor people have to play public games to get their jollies shooting fuglies, deaths and 'wipes' will occur.

L4D2 is a CO-OP FPS game, if you're only going to tell people that they should be able to do anything unless they're bad at the game, just go play WoW. And that's not a jab at WoW, I've played it myself and found too many antisocial, elitist players on there. Don't do the same here.
It`s true, hard to find good gamers in puplic, i bet the pros in this game play always with friends in private session. No wonder why it so many noobs in public!
Last night it was so frustrate so i got pisst, beacus 1 was good and the 2 guys was extreme bad at this game so i have to finish almost solo.
I still like playing with people who are nice but pretty bad at the game. At least they might be willing to learn and after a lot of failed attempts we can make it through a chapter, which is quite satisfying then.

But playing with a bunch of idiots or jerks who do nothing but troll other players, attack teammates, waste items or spam, no thanks.
L4d2 should have diffirent lobbys like for ex, serious gamers, playing for fun and noobs only.
Well I've been playing since it was out lol. Jeez now I'm sad XD I agree with TG, they do it in other games.
Bile bomb and run helps to save ammo on map 2. Gets you past that tricky section where you can only find weak weapon and no ammo. Just saying because that bit leads to rage quits.
Yea when I was playing it on Expert a few days ago, I noticed we used bile bombs, especially in the fields.
mang sent u invite I can play any expert map you want + I have lots of very good expert m8s that will help as well
Hard Rain is among the easiest maps if you know what you're doing. Witches are easily avoidables, maps 3 and 4 are a joke as long as you have two people sticking together adn the finale isn't all that bad either. Map 2 is annoying because it's LONG, and more often than not people die waiting for the elevator, but otherwise it's rather easy.

Feel free to waste ammo on map 2 as there is an ungodly amount of weapon spawns. Use the supplies there too, even if you need to backtrack to the safe room, as you won't really need anything in maps 3 and 4 because they're so easy.

Cabinets sometimes regenerate health kits and pills on maps 1 and 2 so use those first.

If a tank spawns on map 3, sacrifice one player or stay on the walkways and pipes. Most infected if not all will spawn on the ground, and won't be able to attack you. On map 4 stay on the rooftops for as long as possible, then move in a cluster. Tanks are near impossible to kill there but other infected are a joke.

The finale is pretty straightforward, camp in the kitchen or on the roof, and when the second tank is killed, stand on the rooftop, street side. When the tank comes, lure him up and then rush for the boat. Going straight for the boat is suicide as tanks WILL come for you and kill you before you can jump on the boat.

As usual, go for an autoshotgun + magnum, or AK47/sniper + melee. Other weapons are too weak, too slow and don't have enough ammo.
And don't forget to kill everyone who's below 50 HP in the saferoom unless they're really attached to their secondary.

On realism it's basically the same, except that snipers are 100% worthless. Witches can't break down doors though so if you startle one, try to find a door (even a wooden one) and close it behind you, she'll claw at it with no results while your team guns it down.

Assuming they're idiots, tell them to shoot her from the side, as otherwise their bullets will break down the door.

EDIT: REALLY? Censoring "M0R0NS"? Go choke on a BAG OF BEANER DlCKS Valve.
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