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☁dreaming Nov 17, 2013 @ 9:56pm
My opinion about who use hack  ► ► ► ►
         Hello friends, I made a point of showing my thoughts about who needs to use hack to become good at any game, especially wrote about the game Left 4 Dead2 that is dirty with such people.
        The text below is featured in my profile in Portuguese language which is where I live (Brazil). But I used the translator to leave it in English, so it can get a little weird and run a few meanings, who wants to read the best visit my profile HERE and if you can give me your support with a simple comment. From what I can see I needed not to name names in the text, the pack came up to me and handed self. Thank you for your attention! :thumbs:


Here is my appeal to the "bigs" players of Left 4 Deαd ² , the pseudo - pros who deceive themselves using scripts and hacks , and still call themselves as good players , the better . It's like an infestation of zombies that grows every person who is infected . A noob so unhappy began using hacks and modify the game itself to take advantage over others and it turned the game into a disaster , as it is now . Attracted the attention of others as empty of morality as he and those who complained before are now part of the same pack where one feeds the other and individually seek ways to become equal to or better than someone , do not pity for its own merits and must resort to methods such banal to win a medal '' the best player " erroneously .
          You ask yourself , Why use hack ? Oh no fun . But it is not to be funny , nor be fun . The fact is they are outraged by not being good or better than most and use because they can not enjoy the game , do not know when they are overdue raise your head and try to do better next time. I know this text will not mobilize those who use to stop using but at least do as politicians , as will cheat, make it not look so obvious ( Some audacious deride even the very Nick ) .

         The You that fits this text still has much to learn .... But before learning how to play such learning to be honest ? Maybe just bring back the fun of the game .[/b]
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☁dreaming Nov 17, 2013 @ 10:07pm 
up :thumbs:
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