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easy 3minute bridge finale achievement
just do the bridge finale on last man on earth, if you are new and cant quite stop specials yet.. run as fast as you can. so no specials catch you.
and if you do get caught, use a shot so the black and white doesnt slow you down, you could make it.
only a 1 minute run.
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It's quite possible, just depends on what specials spawn. Smokers will ruin your day if you have to cross one of the open areas. Hunters can outrun you once they start leaping around. It's still not really hard, though, just comes down to luck a bit.
smoker spawned behind me. and so did the charger lol.
hunter caught me. so i used shot and outran the tank.

i always made it in time. but the bots wouldnt keep up, or the players would go down on the bridge. lol.
Use a server with SM and noclip out of there, that's how I did it.
isnt no clipping just cheating?
i want to earn the achievements fair. so i found a fair way to get it.
I did it in regular play. Just keep restarting the finale until you have a pipe, adrenaline, machete or nightstick, and whatever T2 you're best with, then just grab them all as fast as you can spam use until the bridge comes down and run along with the adrenaline. You have to bypass the tank that spawns in the middle of the bridge but he's not much of a problem. If the bots are alive when you get on the heli kick them through console, it requires no cheating.
Getting that achievement was fun, if you were far behind you had to kill yourself and sometimes we sacrificed 1 person in the tank area
I had a crazy time figuring this one out too, haha. xD

Imo, the Last Man on Earth mutation is even easier since you have bots on your tail to distract both common hordes and SI, but once you get on the heli it'll end the campaign.

Before starting, always grab the adrenaline, preferably a shotgun, then run along the sides of the bridge making sure not to get charged/pushed off or snagged. Guides say to use the pipe bomb after the tank where you run for the helicopter, which helps a ton.
i got it for xbox once with my friend (we shot the bots dead. and worked together.)
but steam players never worked out for me.
kinda beats the purpose, doesn it...
it took me about a year to actually get this one but at least i did it in a legit way ...
and ive done it 10 times. but if my team cant keep up, then im screwed out of it.

plus its a game mode, so that is a legit way. no cheats or no clipping.
besides, i got it on xbox, as far as i care, i got it a year ago.
Messaggio originale di †Munkee†:
plus its a game mode, so that is a legit way.

you just keep telling yourself that...
i see you on alot of posted, you just seem to like to only insult other players.
i never seen you post 1 decent or nice thing.

this post is for achievement hunters who want the quick achievements who r screwed over by the players who cant do it fast enough or too slow.
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