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LFD2 Crashing at startup
Alright. Here is all the details.

Last night I was playing LFD2. Played for almost 2 hours. Shut off my computer, went to bed. Woke up. Watched the capitals lose, and wanted to play again.

Series of events:

Startup, get to main screen, join, freezes at establishing connection to game.Close program.
Startup, immediate freeze. close program.
Startup, immediate freeze. Close program.

Then I was instructed by my friend to verify game cache and files. It did this and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Startup, immediate crash.

Restart PC.

Startup, get to establish connection, freeze.
Uninstall and reinstall LFD2.

Startup, get to establish connection, freeze.
Startup, immediate freeze.

Ive restarted steam multiple times to no avail.

Ive also done steps at these links:


I have also tried doing -safe and -autoconfig start ups as well. And combinations of all of these. None work.


Is there anyone that can help me out with this situation? Any help would be great.

Other information: Skyrim works perfectly fine. Only game ive tried playing.

Side note: When i go into fullscreen mode with lfd2, it changes the resolution of my screen, which resorts back to the old resolution when I close the program.

Screen resolution 1920x1080

thanks in advance
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Just checked, no games through steam work. All crash immediately. uninstalled and reinstalled steam. reinstalled lfd2, still doesnt work. loaded up and let me change resolution, froze 10 seconds after.
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