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😅 Mar 7, 2014 @ 11:20pm
Daily Deal - Left 4 Dead 2, 75% Off
Today's Deal: Save 75% on Left 4 Dead 2!*
Thats £3.74 English money

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time

For all those that missed the free offer :D

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Practically free is the next best thing to absolutely free.
Ninjabutter Mar 7, 2014 @ 11:37pm 
My ticker must be bugged or something; I saw it like 3 hours ago earlier and it said it only had 57 minutes left on the sale. I just looked at it again and it says 55 minutes remaining.
battle2525 Mar 7, 2014 @ 11:39pm 
it's in hours. so 55 hours.
On the other hand.. I'm thinking of getting l4d...need second and maybe 3rd opinions.
Ninjabutter Mar 7, 2014 @ 11:50pm 
Ah, of course. Somehow I just reflexively read it as hours/minutes/seconds.
|x|SiriuS|x| Mar 8, 2014 @ 12:08am 
Dang, I wanted to grab RE Revelations, somehow that got messed up? I was under the impression that that game would up until this evening? (UK time+1, usually new dayily around 7) - bummer. Oh well.

[edit] heh, at least those "OMG NOOBS" people have food for posting again.
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Ninjabutter Mar 8, 2014 @ 12:18am 
Originally posted by |x|Sirius|x|:
Dang, I wanted to grab RE Revelations, somehow that got messed up?

I believe so, yeah. There was a guy in here a couple of hours ago raving about how Revelations wasn't on sale like it was supposed to be.
Vae Victus Mar 8, 2014 @ 1:13am 
Oh VALVE no!! -75% off means, +75% More crying rage kids.
Buzziee Mar 9, 2014 @ 2:07pm 
75%, or free on International holliday!
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