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Skrifty 3 marca 2014 o 12:58
Sniper hard to use?
Only me who find the sniper harc to use? It's impossible to get used to use the scroll wheel to aim. Besides, unless you have learned to quickscope in Cod (which 99% of all PC-players have) so will the team have killed all zombies in your sight, before you even can shoot /:
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Mr. Alex 3 marca 2014 o 13:37 
The snipe/hunting rifle is for sniping SI, not for commons in my opinion.

Also you can remap it, the default key isnt too comfortable if you want to fast aim/shoot.
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Butters 3 marca 2014 o 13:38 
IMO the power of snipers is to clearing special infected. So let your teammates killed the zombies, they'll thank you when you snipe the whatever grabbing them. And it is very powerful against tank. Sometimes, you may have to deal with a witch with it.
So you can pair it with a melee for common zombie killing.
Assign another key/button for "use scope" command. Sniping is not a very effective strategy in this game. If you camp, you get pounced, puked on, or slammed pretty quickly. Even sniping while moving will be a very low kill rate, but you can provide protection to teammates and free them from the clutches of SI, even if you get seperated.
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Munkee 3 marca 2014 o 15:40 
Początkowo opublikowane przez jack la cour:
Only me who find the sniper harc to use? It's impossible to get used to use the scroll wheel to aim. Besides, unless you have learned to quickscope in Cod (which 99% of all PC-players have) so will the team have killed all zombies in your sight, before you even can shoot /:

quick scoping isnt really needed in this in call of duty, your aim is huge.

in this, if u stand still, u can no scope headshot everything..

but for me, military rifles with lasersights is the best item for me. because if you crouch as you walk, your aim is almost always perfect. plus you can bash the hordes back and pop off a few per knock back.
Jaeger 3 marca 2014 o 15:45 
The sniper is not a weapon I use very much to tell the truth
I use Q for the scope, mouse wheel is just too awkward to click imho. Snipers have their use- they're not necessarily for killing all CI, like Butters said; magnum or melee is better for that.

I use military sniper rifle frequently, as it's one of my most favorite weapons. It's great for picking off CI in the distance (headshots), kills all SI except charger with a couple shots, and is probably the best tank fighting weapon out there.
Ninjabutter 3 marca 2014 o 16:34 
I don't even use the mousewheel, I just have the scope set to a key toggle and it works fine.

That said though, I don't really find the sniper weapons hard to use. In my opinion, the best thing to remember about them is that they penetrate targets. If I'm shooting commons with them, which I do all the time, I try to line them up so I can drop 2 or more with the same round. The 30-round one is an awesome anti-horde weapon because they all charge in from one direction (usually) and you can easily kill four or five zombies per shot fired.
The HR has a high skill-curve to say the least. In order to use it effectively most people would have to resort to spamming it. After you use it for awhile though, you will learn that most of the bullet spread goes into the upper-left part of the reticle and that does help for the most part with killing common on the run (since idealistically you want to keep moving as survivors and stop only when it's absolutely necessary).

Even with SI though, you do need to keep moving to some degree, standing still is one of the worst things you can do in this game. To further that, scoping in is also a bad habit to get into and learning to not stand still and not-scope while firing is ideal. The HR and MR are dead accurate to your crosshair as long as you are not moving, scoping should never be necessary because if a teammate is that far away then that is his fault for not being aware of his team and slowing down when necessary, or if an SI is that far away, they are no immediate threat and you could probably spend your time doing something better. And incase this needs to be said, scoping also drastically decreases your area-of-sight and if you have a problem using sound to know when SI are coming in and from where, that is doing nothing but hurting you.

Advice: Just learn the spread of the HR bullets. Each clip has its own spread pattern but unfortunately there are 7 different patterns and knowing which one you have in the clip isn't possible until the 4th shot. It takes time.
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Guy Bangalter 3 marca 2014 o 19:19 
i use sniper
I disabled the wheel scroll for next/previous weapon, now sniping is much better.

I like to use the military sniper rifle, mind you, I don't camp. The bullets are very strong and have great penetration, speacially for long corridors during panic events on common infected (like dark carnival - barns, I always make sure to switch to a melee when near that safe room).

I love to use the military sniper rifle on tanks, it's the weapon that takes the least rounds to kill him (but not time) excluding shotguns (for which you can't be far away) and counter-strike source weapons.
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