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KillerKrieg 24/fev/2014 às 1:02
Ok, I need some SERIOUS help: CANNOT beat the bridge in Parish.
I seriously just played about 10 games of The Parish just from the bridge after failing a full game. I am getting extremely ticked, no matter what I do I cannot beat this level. I keep getting very close to the chopper, annoyingly enough. Most of the time I keep dying from being ENDLESSLY SURROUNDED by zombies. I used to pack Magnum through here, but because of this problem I switched to melee weapon, and the melee simply does not do squat when this happens. I hit them and I hit them, but no matter how many of them I kill another zombie ALWAYS hits me from behind and makes it so I can't run. If I turn around to kill the zombie who hit me from behind, one comes from in front(front being the direction of the chopper) now MY back again and no matter what I can't get them off. It makes me mad, I throw pipe bombs and that gets *most* of them off my back for about 5 seconds but then they are right back at me, giving me the BS again. It is annoying because often times about 50 of them spawn right in front of my eyes right when I am about to the chopper( the marker point I keep dying at being roughly the humvee that has pipe bombs in the Xbox360 version. (roughly the last military vehicle you see before you get to the chopper). If I actually do get to this area with a reasonable amount of health and a shot and everything, I automatically get destroyed by a special, ALWAYS a jockey too. Please... somebody give me a detailed plan. I initally stay to the left as I see most of the pros who survive do, and I try to keep running and avoid the tank(which usually works.) What weapons should I use in here? It's like I said nothing is working. I typically have a miniscule amount of lag during extreme situations but during the bridge crescendo it is just ridiculous, and the lag causes me to get extra surrounded by infected in the way I mentioned earlier. What really really makes me mad is often times I HAVE TO HIT COMMONS SEVERAL TIMES, YES SEVERAL TIMES with a melee before they die. Once I was staring a zombie in the face, I hit him THREE times with frying pan, and he was hitting me the whole time.... I swear, the bridge is BS.
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KillerKrieg 24/fev/2014 às 1:03 
Also I have heard about people saying you should run backwards and shoot/melee, but the second you do that you fall through one of the BAJILLION FREAKIN' HOLES on the bridge. (I also tried both sticking together and just running. If I stick together, I definitively die, usually earlier on. If I split up and just run it, I still die, either from being surrounded or endlessly spammed by jockeys.
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jk89800 24/fev/2014 às 1:07 
its easier on multiplayer thats the most help i can give

daniu -TLG- 24/fev/2014 às 1:14 
I'm using Shotgun and Melee, run at the leftmost edge (it's pretty narrow so the CIs line up nicely). If you're often having problems with horde slowing you down, sounds like you need to use RMB more often to push them back.
KillerKrieg 24/fev/2014 às 1:21 
I was playing multiplayer though with 4 people... I am not sure if it really was that hard or if I cursed the other players playing but the other people were struggling quite a bit too. Out of all those games, there were only two instances where someone made it out of that level alive. The first time was a cheater named who glitched up through the scaffolding (unfortunately I was not recording when me and several other players saw this and I can't remember her name to report her... not that it would do any good anyway because I don't have any proof) And if it was not for the cheating her skilless butt would've never made it. The other time it was an extremely skillful player named Battle2525(also playing as rochelle.) Battle2525, like the cheater, was the ONLY one who survived, only he did it without any kind of cheating or glitching involved. Even then... it took a lot of effort. I think he wound up using several shots before the effects of the last ones had even wore off, even then they almost took all of his health. I just want to state for the record that I have tried different pipe bomb placement aswell and all of the different places you throw it have their issues. If you throw it ahead of you(the easiest) it only attracts more horde to getting in your way. Throw it to the side(AKA off the bridge) and it's help only lasts for like 5 seconds, as it would seem the second the PB hits the water it stops attracting horde. Try to turn all the way around and throw it? By the time it takes you to get all the way turned around, you'll get smacked down 50 points of health, and even after you throw it the zombies already paying attention to you will STILL be hitting you. .. Oh and for the fun of it. Another ridiculous way I died when I had a lot of health and was almost out of there was a charger, who had only had maybe 5 feet to build up a charge ran me through one of the holes in the bridge, killing itself too. I was SO mad at that one... freaking zombies committing suicide just to take me with them...
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KillerKrieg 24/fev/2014 às 1:23 
I was trying RMB to push them back, but that just makes the problem worse as the ones you need to run through won't die, and half the time, by the time I had pushed the ones in front back and then dealt with the ones behind me, the ones in front were ready to kick my butt again. (oh yeah, and cursed = held them back with my noobness. i will admit I am the biggest freaking n00b this community has ever freaking seen. Well not really... but I feel that way after all those humiliations.)
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KillerKrieg 24/fev/2014 às 1:23 
Hm... that gives me a good idea. Push the ones behind you, swipe the ones in front.
jk89800 24/fev/2014 às 1:25 
oh idk anything else thats how i do it
Souzooka 24/fev/2014 às 1:28 
Secret tips to beating the bridge:

Keep running forward until you trigger the tank.

And that's pretty much the ultimate survival tactic. The reason this works is because the AI director is quieted while the tank is in play (unless someone climbs onto the tank at the end of the bridge), meaning that you get a reprieve from the constant horde of zombies.

Throwing a molotov behind you when you start also helps, because two SI spawn from the safe room.
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Click Here! 24/fev/2014 às 1:31 
Save a boomer bile for the bridge run then after you start it wait till bout half way thru the bridge run about the time you have to climb up on the buss to get to the tilted part of the bridge and throw the boomer bile into the water the zombies will just jump around and wont attack you. That is the best way to beat it under 3 minutes.
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KillerKrieg 24/fev/2014 às 1:34 
So basically try to keep the tank alive so it's presence distracts the A.I. alive? I tried this aswell. Almost every single time I did this scenario, I ran past the tank without taking the time to kill it. Not sure if it was always the horde, or if people had killed it by lighting it aflame just in time to spawn a load of specials right at the end of the bridge, but I never really did bother with killing that first tank. I also did try using Shotgun and Melee... It works well against the horde, but presented a problem in killing specials you want to kill via longballing(like Chargers and Smokers.) I wish there was a more universal method to beating this level, like with Dark Carnival where the tactic is getting on the stage, setting fireworks or red fuel tanks at every entrance and setting the spares on the stage. I have beaten that level with a perfect escape(all 4 survived) on the first try even.
KillerKrieg 24/fev/2014 às 1:35 
Thank you very much fatality, I had NOT tried that yet... will try to save some bile for that.
Souzooka 24/fev/2014 às 1:35 
Also, an AK or military sniper rifle (whichever you are more comfortable with) will help you power forwards through the left side (especially sniper since it pierces, but takes a while to reload) in order to reach the area where you can climb up, and zombies are usually easier to deal with once you reach that point of the bridge.
Souzooka 24/fev/2014 às 1:36 
And no, you shouldn't try to keep the tank alive. Take your time to recooperate and then kill the tank, as you still get about 30-60 seconds afterward before a horde usually. Also, if you can get adrenaline (which you can usually get from an ambulance on the top level behind you when you get up to it), it's nice to use around when you are going to get to the bus past the slanted bridge to get past the horde near the end.
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KillerKrieg 24/fev/2014 às 1:36 
Huh, AK is one of the few weapons I hadn't tried. I was sticking with the rifles that have more bullets. I usually prefer AK. I tried military sniper, it was a bust. Too much reloading time.
Click Here! 24/fev/2014 às 1:38 
Escrito originalmente por KillerKrieg:
Huh, AK is one of the few weapons I hadn't tried. I was sticking with the rifles that have more bullets. I usually prefer AK. I tried military sniper, it was a bust. Too much reloading time.

IDk if you like modded servers but if you do i can help you on my server just throw me a friend invite and i will help you.
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