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Sifferz 2014年1月22日上午6:46
Left 4 Fortress 2
Figured I'd post another thread on the fact that L4D2 just turned into TF2 and tried to DL another 7 gig update, probably to actually turn it into TF2.

I would very much appreciate somebody at valve addressing this soon.
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GunValkyrie 2014年1月22日上午6:48 
happened to me aswell , didnt know what was going on
My L4D2 and TF2 are doing just fine :T
Kimi Morgam 2014年1月22日上午6:49 
Working normal for me, kiss :*
MakoLovegood 2014年1月22日上午6:51 
Yeaaah!! I am not the only one!!! -.-
WinterclawLegacy 2014年1月22日上午6:55 
same here, it upset me quite a bit, because i had an umber of hours on it, everything else is there, just odd how it was replaced with tf2
Werewing 2014年1月22日上午6:58 
Same bug here.
MakoLovegood 2014年1月22日上午7:00 
There are many others where dota 2 changed in left 4 dead 2...some even got problems with portal XD
Bandowulf 2014年1月22日上午8:37 
if you uninstal the left 4 dead 2 version of team fortress 2 and re-install it, it should work (it worked for me) and it should be left 4 dead 2 again
MakoLovegood 2014年1月22日上午8:45 
If you still haven't seen it yet :

Here's the link - please paste this link into address bar of your web browser and hit enter.


(You'll need to restart your Steam client to complete the process)
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