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Bjorn - GSG  [developer] Jan 30 @ 7:35am
Changelist for Experimental Build 23520
  • Bomber health bar will now be empty while it’s crashing
  • Bet-C now moves away if a player is stuck under it
  • Bet-C shield now doesn't get visible before it starts growing
  • Bet-C shield now smoothly lerps into size and not with a static speed
  • Updated Creep-louse sounds
  • Grabbers no longer picks up players who are under the effect of iron will

Weapon mods
  • Extra flare upgrade now actually gives the player a extra flare
  • Fixed a bug with the cold radiance upgrade not working, not completely done though
  • Removed stat display of unused upgrade stat "Slowdown Strength" and added upgrade stat "Cooling rate" to the gatling gun

  • Zipline Gun, Removed one of the angle mods
  • Zipline Gun, Increased the base operational angle
  • Zipline Gun, Increased base movement speed
  • Zipline Gun, Decreased power of movement speed mod
  • Platform Gun, Removed first ammo mod
  • Platform Gun, Increased base ammo
  • Platform Gun, Increased base clip size
  • Platform Gun, Increased power of ammo and clip size mods
  • Double Drills, Combined the movement speed mod into the mining rate mods
  • Double Drills, Fixed the Bloody Cold Driller mod so it now cools the drills

  • Added fragile salt platforms to the Salt Pits, watch your step!
  • Tweaked mastery bar icons
  • Added late join duplication option when pressing ESC
  • Grey out lethal servers for sub player rank 10
  • There is now a impact particle when you hit shield bubbles with bullets
  • Added Assignment missions to unlock Hazard 5 - For test purposes, you can use the cheat terminal to complete these missions instantly
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Xaeros Jan 30 @ 4:14pm 
I think the Breach Cutter needs some serious attention, the damage it does now is kind of pathetic. You used to be able to kill a Praetorian or Spitballer with like a shot or 2, but now you're lucky if you can kill one with a full extended clip of ammo. It felt like the Engineer's big game hunter type weapon before the changes. It can still manage to kill Warriors fine, but the Grenade Launcher just feels better for dealing with groups of Warriors in general. The Breach Cutter overall just feels like a downgrade to the Greande Launcher, but that's really just my opinion.
Neighday Jan 31 @ 4:26am 
Agreed, the breach cutter damage nerf really hurts. Perhaps look at lowering it's base ammo instead of it's damage. It's a very situational weapon at it's core for large groups (spitballers and praetorians), if you can manage your ammo and get consistently good angle on your targets this weapon is a beast and so satisfying to use. Now I would just rather play another class because going through 5 shots to take out a single praetorian is quite abysmal.

Please consider reverting the damage changes for the breach cutter.

Do you intend on adding mods for the turrets (like Auto-Build and Electric damage)?
Domi Jan 31 @ 6:01am 
I too agree. Breach cutter is pretty much useless now. It can’t even kill a single glyphid with two shots. Wtf o.o
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