Deep Rock Galactic
Bjorn - GSG  [developer] Nov 27, 2018 @ 8:03am
Changelist for Experimental Build 21231
  • Upgrade stats for flares
  • Scout flare cool down tweaked 3s -> 0.2s
  • Electric zap sound added to enemies being shot by smg
  • Warning popup for Gear Refund added to Info Screen
  • Weapon Display on Grenade Launcher tweaked to support double digits
  • Fixed the assault idle jitterbug
  • It is no longer possible to navigate to unlocked weapon in the upgrades screen
  • Fixed keyboard input not working on upgrade menu, until clicked
  • Tweaked upgrade preview icon
  • Fix some things like flares and grenades can pass through the minehead platform in point extraction
  • Adjusted Ziplinegun and Grappling hook distance to camera in First Person
  • Fix assault rifle looks weird if jumping and shooting
  • M1000 shoot anim
  • Blastwave muzzle effect
  • SMG fire sound update
  • M1000 recoil greatly reduced
  • Linecutter reload sound placement fix
  • Fixed 3d viewer not updating correctly in upgrade menu
  • M1000 reload sound attachment fix
  • Linecutter projectile upgrades now function correctly on clients
  • Charge Blaster energy used for a charged shot increased.
  • Charge Blaster charged shot area upgrade decreased.
  • Charge Blaster charged shot explosion caused by shooting the projectile when the mod is active damage greatly increased.
  • Electric SMG normal damage and accuracy modificatons values increased

Menues and UI
  • Light fixed on Char Select level
  • Fix being able to close mission complete screen
  • Fedora and Pumpkin headwear can no longer be bought. It can still be equipped if purchased previously
  • Fix minor ui bug (clickable area of the right arrow of the character selector in the shop)
  • Fixed mission select closing window when pressing esc and biome is open, should go back to map instead

  • Fixing ansel bug with menu screen
  • Fix for ansel and improvements for video display

  • Fixed a bug where the voice chat does not care about the users settings and activates voice chat when it should be disabled
  • Try to fix screaming on endscreen bug by destroying the player characters
  • Laser pointer works on collectible items again
  • Fix Brood Nexus weakspots
  • Fix crash when loading map as client
  • Improving steam save load
  • Fix getting additional playerranks because of level cap increase if you had retired a character before the update
  • Egg nest alert sound update
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Chibbity Nov 27, 2018 @ 8:30am 
Bit of an odd nitpick I know but, any chance the animation for the Engineer with the SMG is place holder?

I'd really like to see him holding it with two hands, as it has the extra grip and guard on it, just looks weird.

Also would help set it apart from the single hand machine pistols the scout uses to dual weild. Would make a lot of sense that the larger, beefier SMG (also a primary weapon, not a secondary) would need two hands.
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