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Bjorn - GSG  [developer] Jan 29 @ 7:04am
Changelist for Experimental Build 23439
  • Jelly swarmers only in glacial strata and Dense Biozone
  • Creep-louse now tilts left and right when rolling
  • Fix Bet-c affected by scout grenade when turned friendly
  • Explosions from plants now are way more effective against enemies while dealing the same damage they used to do to players. This way they become a more reliable strategy when dealing with swarms.
  • Fixed issue where Bet-c would look like its firing its machine guns but was supposed to shoot a grenade
  • Added new system to remove far away enemies if we hit the spawn caps.
  • The Cave Leech is now slightly smaller than before.
  • Betsy's damage against armor increased
  • Creep-louse bump damage reduced

Weapons UI & Mods
  • Gunner armor mod fix, so its not duplicated
  • Fixed wrong numbers being displayed on some of the new shield upgrades
  • The grenade shot now always moves at the same speed and the arc is instead what is variable
  • Shield now regenerates linearly
  • Balanced the values of the two shield regeneration mods
  • Removed the shaped platform mods for Platform Gun
  • Decreased projectile-drop for Platform Gun
  • Rearranged existing mods for Platform Gun
  • Increased total ammo for Platform Gun
  • Added a rate of fire mod for Platform Gun

  • Added slovenian Language
  • Difficulty icons properly centered above mission icons on Map screen
  • Reduced the amount of Nitra in point extraction by approx 25%
  • Mixed tweaks on difficulty - damage multiplier on lethal set to 3.0
  • Set prevent latejoin restriction option to off by default
  • Hazard 5 Milestone image added
  • Fix bug in procedural generation
  • Bosco main weapon deals more damage to armor
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Barranoid Jan 29 @ 10:32am 
"Reduced the amount of Nitra in point extraction by approx 25%"
Woah...I don't don't like us anymore somehow?

"Shield now regenerates linearly"
...wait so is it slower or faster now?

"The Cave Leech is now slightly smaller than before."
So basicly you're saying "you're supposed to die...often!"
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