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Bebesimba  [developer] Mar 20, 2018 @ 11:47am
Player's Wishlist - A Dev Answer Part 1
This post is to give you feedback on some of the requests that were made in Player's Whishlist discussion. It is not up for debate though, more to inform you guys of where we are going.

It's split in 4 sections:
  • 1-Feature Wishes that have been added to the game
  • 2-Feature Wishes that are in the pipeline
  • 3-Feature Wishes under discussion
  • 4-Feature Wishes that will not make the release...and why

    Note that
    - Items in the list of “in the pipeline” has strong chances to make the cut, but doesn’t mean 100% it will make it.
    - Some points/feedback aren’t tackled in this list. Anything not mentioned should be considered as it doesn’t fall in any of the categories yet.
    - Does it mean the features that were cut will never make it in the game post-release? Maybe.
    - The following features are in no specific orders.
    -SD is for Show director

    1 - Request Wishes that have been added to the game
    -Female character
    -Community plays
    -How about giving skins to the first people who classified in raking? exemple : the first person for each ranking; snowy skin to the first person classified as snowball killer etc
    -Server browser for Custom Matches.
    -Show director rating after the match
    -Show Matches of streamers and players of the game against each other.
    -Idk if this has been suggested or not, but since official rating leaderboard resets how about a special skin for the top 5-10 people.

    2- Wishes that are in the pipeline
    -Progression system
    -Could it be possible to change our crosshair?
    -Skins for the Show director.
    -A mobile version for voting on twitch
    -Please push to talk option
    -add Steam Achievements
    -add server in japan
    -optimization 32 bits

    3 - Wishes under discussion

    Show director powers
    -Megaphone General announcement
    -Fog or some feature that strongly limits visibility
    -Released yeti, wolf or monster released ai
    -Release a group of drones
    -Announcement text in the sky
    -Taking light down in one section
    -Global sonar. everyone can see everyone as if they were tracking them for 5-10 seconds
    -Customized cursor for the game
    -Power avalanche on a certain zone
    -spawning a loot chest
    -More powers for good rated
    -Blizzard Effect
    -When the camera zooms in on the Manhunted person, allow everyone to talk to each other for that brief moment. You can talk trash for a second or just say something funny.

    Game mode
    -A map that is only a single hex big for 1v1 or 2v2 matches
    -Building fires and throwing snowballs only
    -Target with no person having the same target. permanently have a manhunt on your target - being able to see them and getting the special chest.

    Viewers interactions
    -API so twitch bots (or if they exist on mixer, mixer too) that provide currency could maybe be linked to allow for betting on people n stuff
    - Show Matches of streamers and players of the game against each other. SaltyBets where the money is fake, but an AI is ran to spectate games and there is a dedicated twitch channel to watch for this. I feel like that fits the theme of the Darwin Project since it is an “entertainment” based game
    -Replay mode

    Players features and gameplay
    -add a chat text
    -player boost
    -voice sensitivity option for our mics
    -Inmate voting with show director
    -More wildlife robot-animal
    -Inmate voting with show director
    -electronic power : disable others players super power
    -Center cursor on craft wheel
    -Cover clues

    -central us server
    -language based matchmaking for showdirector
    -each up any name on the my career section
    -finding my friends stats on the leaderboard
    -Special Skins for Beta Testers

    4- Feature Wishes that will not make the release ..and why

    Show director powers
    -Wall that pops-up from the ground
    Dev answer : We did a prototype of it, but we felt like separating players is not as fun as bringing them together. Also, it's not spectator vote friendly. On the other hand, we are thinking of a power similar to the arena to trap many players together
    -Super-Storm - Warm consumption rates go up by 1000% for 40 seconds, and you must be near a bonfire to stay warm. I feel like it could force some area control gameplay, as players are trying to stay warm and fight at the same time. It also reveals locations through the smoke, and would make some more exciting gameplay.
    Dev Answer : I like the idea of an epic storm. The idea of making the weather very cold however, is something we prototyped with a bit and it always resulted in just slowing down the pace and did not create much excitement
    -Power cool down on single player
    Dev Answer : I feel it's too context specific and not very awesome for the spectator watching

    Game Mode
    -And a game mode where the cold bar is replaced with hunger
    Dev Answer : A different kind of bar to replace cold could be cool ex: oxygen or hot. Maybe after release!
    -Death match mode. no survival nor harvesting.
    Dev Answer : Not the same game at the moment, but after release could be cool to try a mode.

    Players features and gameplay
    -upgrade of electronic power
    Dev Answer : We design the powers to be simple and straightforward like they are. We will add new powers though.
    -deer-destructor electronic
    Dev Answer : Nice scify touch here, but kindda counter the design of battle royale to kill other people.
    -A way to reward players who get chained consecutive hits would be cool, like a combo bonus. Obviously not 2 OP or fights will be really 1 sided.
    Dev Answer : Our fight system is not very compatible for combos as the attack push people away and put space between players
    -zone heal
    Dev Answer : the survival aspect and the arcade combat with the push back makes the player think twice before attacking. Having a zone for healing would change de design of the combat system.
    -Auto Run with one button
    Dev Answer : The stamina management is an important part of the gameplay. Having an auto run would unbalance the gameplay.
    -boots that decrease the knockback you take from hits
    Dev Answer : Being pushed back is actually good for you man - it's what prevents you from being chained by your opponent

    -OSX / Linux? Can has not-Windows version, plz? : )
    Dev Answer : One of our Architect Thierry would love to do that :)! Mabe after release!

    Again : Feel free to add any feature wishes and game design crazy idea you might have in this section :
    Darwin Project > General Discussions > Topic Details > Player's Wishlist
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DJ Red Mar 20, 2018 @ 11:49am 
Unfortunate OSX and Linux :P
SweeTARTS® Mar 24, 2018 @ 11:39am 
Servers in Japan in the pipeline

Yossarianuk Mar 27, 2018 @ 4:03am 
+1 for Linux Support
Originally posted by DJ Red:
Unfortunate OSX and Linux :P

From your profile:

Rules on adding me:
I don't like people who bully or harass others.

What an irony...
Ari El Uno Mar 27, 2018 @ 6:27pm 
Waiting for Linux version.
Vivi Mar 28, 2018 @ 3:57am 
+1 Linux Support, I'll instabuy :3
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