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Oct 1 @ 8:34am
Devblog 53 - 1.11 Preview | Future Plans++
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Really like the sound of the mental health stuff. Although I don't really player multiplayer, having a system where morals kind of play a part is going to be really cool - as in, realistically someone who get's shot at, wouldn't feel menatlly crippled by shooting back and killing someone trying to kill them.

Glad a zombie rework has finally made it to the top of the list too. It's been needed for a long time.

Awesome work JB and team! Looking forward to the improvments coming!!
C-MOG Oct 1 @ 3:09pm 
Having recently been watching The Walking Dead again (presently on S5), I'd have to disagree with you Chris. Depending on the kind of person you are and your morality, even in defence, killing another human can be and is a traumatising event.
My wife and I are probably only going to play on our own server, but with this kind of mechanic in place it has me far more likely to join a random server and start playing. If only server specs were able to be seen, such as if Hordes are turned off.

The current zombies are definitely horrifying...but new assets would be welcome!
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Pazuzu Oct 1 @ 6:00pm 
Can you pick up stone yet?
Hello friends. We like to play in PVE mode here, it's the best. I would like you to ask me a question. When I try to create a host, even though I have already opened a port on the router and closed the firewall. It is tested and says offline. What should I do? Please help me. Thanks, Walt.
Jags Oct 3 @ 4:38am 
hey man, there's something wrong with extended mag for ARG, they're not spawning in prison armory, i went to prison like 7-8 times, still no ARG extended mag there, can you check it out
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Enjoyed the last halloween event during trick or treat door knocking
I hope to see more greater rewards.
I think i will love this game entirely when it has Character Creation and a more robust player progression system. :steamthumbsup::steamthis:
a2z Interactive  [developer] Oct 4 @ 7:24am 
Originally posted by Pazuzu:
Can you pick up stone yet?
Not yet.
a2z Interactive  [developer] Oct 4 @ 7:24am 
Originally posted by Jags:
hey man, there's something wrong with extended mag for ARG, they're not spawning in prison armory, i went to prison like 7-8 times, still no ARG extended mag there, can you check it out
We will check on this.
as person who played a lot games im not sure if mental effect for shoting first is good idea , i played games who had it and PVP players just resorted to baiting shots (or getting glancing blows if that was essential by being hit first) and then gun you down

system your making will always benefit people who will PVP , and penitalize defenders (in games like this where you can die from first 1-2 hits you think defender will wait for other side to shot? especialy that person could be already nicking his supplies and be inside his house?)

PVP been alweys a mental game , mental game PVP players will alweys be better at vs unsuspecting victims

i can even give you specific examples how far south such implementation went (ending up in even PVPers able to "ban" people based on such mechanics in some games)
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I wish the zombies actually sounded how they do in the trailer. Ingame they sound like some demons or some ♥♥♥♥ its terrifying.
ℭocoa Oct 8 @ 7:31am 
We have a group playing on the AusNZ server and the ping seems very unstable. We're really enjoying the game but constantly going from 40 to 600 ping makes it hard!
Praxis Oct 9 @ 12:47pm 
thank goodness the zombies are the downfall of everything in this game.
OOOOh Trick or Treat event i cant wait!! :zedrawr:
PiCaLoKi Oct 14 @ 12:36pm 
Beautiful game, great future, but I still have the problem of blocking ports to be able to play coop, I tried everything and I don't know how to solve it.
Are you planning to change that online game mode?
Many successes with the game!
DeDMoxop Oct 14 @ 1:56pm 
КОГДА Русский язык добавите?
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