The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

Renhoj Feb 26, 2018 @ 3:05am
Food quest question
I already gave Instructor Thomas and Collete all 20 dishes they need but they didnt give me the Youkai Gem or the Seraph Quartz. I'm on the last chapter by the way. What seems to be the problem?
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OnlyOffensive Feb 26, 2018 @ 3:24am 
You mean maid Lotte? They should trigger cutscene right after 20 food, but maybe they don't if you have done last dungeon? Otherwise i have no idea. There is also a chance that you could miss some food, double check if you still have the option that means something is wrong. Maybe you messed with client in some way? There is no way it doesn't work as intented on current patch.
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tuncstic Feb 28, 2019 @ 6:05pm 
I have the same problem. I have all 20 recipes, and at least 1 of each best and worst food item. I have started but not completed the final dungeon. Neither Thomas not Lotte says anything about food. Margarita says that I don't have very many recipes. Either this script has a bug, or there is another factor that the walk-throughs don't mention.

Update: To get the reward from Margarita, you have to have cooked all 4 variations of every recipe. I was missing one variation of one recipe. Lotte and Thomas are still stuck.
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providing you haven't completed the last dungeon, the quest is still complete-able.

Probably what has happened is that you've cooked the recipe, but then consumed one of the food items prior to giving it to them. Because you've cooked it, it shows as greyed out in the quest giver's food list and you automatically think it's been given to them. However it's greyed out because because you don't have food item to give to them.

This happened to me on my current playthrough and I was positive I had given all food to instructor thomas, the number of food items on the list was 20. I ended going back into the old school house cooking all food items again, went back to him and the adamantine steak showed up as white. At that point I remembered I had used my only one in my last battle against 'C'
tuncstic Mar 3, 2019 @ 12:58pm 
@the.jester: Thanks, but that's not the case. 1) I repeat: I actually have ALL the required items in my inventory. 2) At this point (during the final dungeon), I do not see a dialog from them about food, so there is no longer any list to have greyed items. I should clarify that I did previously complete giving them all of the requested items, and got the associated minor rewards, It's only this final repetition, with the corresponding large reward, that is not triggering.
Then you've already completed this side quest, which can be done as soon as you've got the final recipe from Nicolas, so you should already have the seraph and yokai quartz in your quartz list.

You can only do the quest once, either you already have the rewards, in which case they will be in your quartz inventory (neither of them are master quartz by the way just in case you were looking there) or the game for whatever has bugged out, in which case you would need to load a prior save
tuncstic Mar 4, 2019 @ 1:35pm 
Checking one final time, I found that you are correct: I do indeed already have these rewards. The walk-through I was using did not make this possibility clear. Thanks!
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