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A summary of what occurred to this game, for those interested.
This game was initially called "Measurement Problem" and was listed for $9.99 on Steam. This was a real 3D puzzle game similar in gameplay to Portal or Polarity, and you can still play it (read through this first to decide if you want to download it or not, though). It was seemingly abandoned around early 2017. On February 7, 2019, the game got switched to a Low Confidence Metric for seemingly no reason, but this in itself isn't too fishy. Someone, whether it was the true developer or not behind it, had been altering some things with the game around this time. On March 2, 2019, an inventory item called "Gold Coin" was added to Steam and may have been intended to be used in scams after the game was changed completely on June 24th (it doesn't seem like anyone has complained being scammed, however, so I'm not sure the person behind the scam used the items before getting banned). Gold Coins are a currency in the real PUBG game, so this would make sense as a scam. I do not believe they exist in Steam inventories in the real game, but I could be incorrect on that as I do not myself play PUBG. Many noticed an empty Steam inventory for the game popping up around this time, see the link below for a discussion forum regarding it. On April 19, 2019, the giveaway site dlh did a giveaway of the game, which was distributed by whoever was accessing the Steamworks developer panel at the time as there were fishy changes not long before this date involving the PUBG changes (in other words, if the developer really did get hacked, the keys were distributed by the hacker, not the developer himself. However, it's not entirely clear who was responsible for the changes). Just less than a month ago, on June 24th, 2019, the noticeable changes came with the game's name being changed to PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATLLEGROUNDS, as well as giving it the respective banners and icon in an effort to item scam people (again, not entirely clear if the dev/hacker did this before being banned). All achievement names, as well as their locked-state icons (and some of the unlocked-state icons) were changed. A new depot was created as well that was 13gb, which was likely malware, however I cannot confirm this as it is no longer available (luckily). Valve noticed a mere three hours after the change was introduced, likely due to a Reddit post giving it attention and getting it mass-reported, and banned the game developer. On July 8th, 2019, the game's name was removed entirely by Valve, reverting to simply "App 534960". At some point in this mess, all unactivated Steam keys became invalid and unusable. It seems like it is now safe to download as it is just the original 1gb depot that remains, and all Steam achievements are still obtainable. I would, however, do this at your own risk regardless.

One piece of evidence that may point to the real developer being behind this and not a Russian hacker is that, as a user on a SteamGifts forum pointed out, the developer replied in Russian once here:
He may have, however, just used Google translate here. Though his English seems really bad, as seen here:
These are his only two discussion posts that are available. It seems that previous (now deleted announcements) were typed in clear English, however, and the game is fully narrated in clear English, so take these pieces of evidence against the real developer with a grain of salt.

Previous announcements for the game:
Originally posted by Alchemist Studio:
Update v1.002 (October 1st, 2016)
Fixed a bug where the player could move away from the teleporter while looking at it.

Originally posted by Alchemist Studio:
I used to be an explorer, but then I took an update to the knee. (March 22nd, 2017)
Hello there! Many people were complaining that the part where Catherine talks about her past was too hard, so we made that easier for you guys. We also added some minor changes that you will definitely notice in the game. That's about it. .. .. Bye. Love you.


Screencap of the store page after the hack occurred:

Store page before the hack occurred:

SteamDB history page that shows the changes of the game's page:

Reddit post mentioned above:

There was a DLH giveaway on April 19, 2019, however I will not link it here as I'm not sure about the legitimacy of the site and would rather not risk getting in trouble for linking it on Steam forums. Visit that site at your own risk.

SteamGifts discussion on the matter:

People complaining about empty Steam inventory:

Developer's (now banned) Steam account:
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praXis Jul 31 @ 1:47am 
Great post. Thanks for the info.
Why steam dont rever this to the old packcage?
ijoe2003 Aug 6 @ 11:01pm 
I also wondered about that.
Thank you for sharing this. Wondered myself, what this fishy game in my library is :)
thanks a lot for all the info!!
Meszes Aug 9 @ 4:05pm 
It was a good read, thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the effort put into this post; Very informative
I have a card set ready to be crafted for this game (was waiting for the summer sale, but that didn't have cards, so now waiting for the winter sale). Will this still craft and give 100xp or is it a lost cause?
Mercury Aug 19 @ 10:42am 
I believe you can still craft badges for removed games, not sure if they give xp but I feel like it's likely they would. I'm not much of a card collector myself.
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